10 Powerful Tactics That Instantly Boost Self-Esteem

Do You Want To Know How To Instantly Boost self-esteem?

Do you have low self-esteem? Are you wondering what tactics instantly boost self-esteem?

According to connib.com, around 85% of people struggle with low self-esteem.

I was pretty astonished by how big that number is.

I mean 85%, that is just crazy to think about!

But honesty when I look around, it is not that surprising.

I mean, a lot of people compare themselves on social media, at work, at school, and a lot of other places.

So really, it is not that surprising that a lot of people struggle with low self-esteem.

And I used to struggle with low self-esteem a lot when I was younger.

I sometimes do today but not even close as much as I did in the past.

That is why I feel like it is a good time to talk about how to increase your self-esteem.

So now, I will show you 10 powerful tactics that instantly boost self-esteem.

1. Become Mindful

The very first powerful tactic that we will talk about today and will instantly boost your self-esteem is becoming mindful.

Becoming mindful is a great start to beginning to boost your self-esteem.

If you have low esteem problems, become aware and mindful of what they are and why they occur.

Usually, people have low self-esteem because they are too critical of themselves.

When you become mindful, you will become aware of when you are doubting and being overly critical of yourself.

So now, you can choose to be kinder to yourself and end the marathon of continuous self-doubt.

2. Change The Story That You Tell Yourself

If you have very low self-esteem, there is a very good chance that you are telling yourself a little story inside your head.

The story that you tell yourself every day could be that you are not worthy or you are not good enough.

There could be a lot more, but those two are the big critical ones that a lot of people with low self-esteem face.

To change the story that you tell yourself, you have to become aware of the story.

I mean, how will you be able to change it if you are not aware of it?

It is pretty simple on how to become aware of the story that you might be telling yourself.

You can do this by just being aware of your thoughts and by meditation, which helps with observing your thoughts.

Once you become aware of the story that you tell yourself, see it by what it is which is a story.

It is not necessarily true, it is just a story that you have been telling yourself over and over and over again.

You can choose to keep on telling this story, or you can let it go because it does not serve you anymore.

Once you officially let go of the story that you tell yourself, you will notice that your self-esteem will rise.

3. Don´t Compare Yourself To Others

The third power tactic that instantly boosts self-esteem does not compare yourself to others.

If you have self-esteem, good chances are that you are comparing yourself to other people.

How do you know you ask? Well, I used to have low self-esteem.

When I had low self-esteem, I compared myself to others a lot and felt bad for myself when I did it.

So the simple solution to this that I found is to not compare yourself to others.

Only compare yourself to the person that you were yesterday.

You might find that your self-esteem might skyrocket just by not comparing yourself to other people.

It has for me, so I know it can for you if you do it.

4. Exercise

Exercising believe it or not is only beneficial for your physical well being but also your mental well being.

Exercising enhances our overall mood and can help you be in a positive attitude and also a positive mind.

Doing exercise in the long term can make us feel really good about our physical self.

You might be asking, well how long do I need to exercise?

Well, it is recommended to exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

So you can go on a walk for 30 minutes, go to the gym for 30 minutes, play your favorite sport in 30 minutes and so on.

I have noticed when I play basketball or do some type of exercise for at least 30 minutes, I overall feel better.

So exercise for at least 30 minutes a day and you will notice that your self-esteem will increase.

5. Practice Forgiveness

The fifth powerful tactic that instantly boosts self-esteem is practicing forgiveness.

Holding a grudge towards someone or something will lower your self-esteem.

The truth is, you are hurting yourself more than others, heck you might be only hurting yourself.

Forgiveness is not a weakness it is a pretty strong thing to do.

When you are forgiving someone, you are forgiving for what they might have done.

Not only that, but you are also forgiving yourself in the process.

So, if you notice that you are holding a grudge towards someone, forgive them and yourself and let it go.

Once you do, you might notice that a huge weight gets off your back and you feel better overall.

Also, you can learn more about how to forgive yourself and how to forgive others if you feel like you want to.

6. Learn and Master A New Skill

Learning and mastering a new skill is a great way to improve self-esteem.

You can do this in two ways, you can learn a new skill and master it, or master a skill that you already have.

For example, say that you already are skilled at basketball.

You want to improve on your game, so you practice shooting, passing, dribbling, and rebounding so you can master those set of skills that you need on the basketball court.

Another example is that you want to learn lightsaber combat (yes that is a thing).

So you practice spinning the lightsaber and learning different lightsaber forms and you try to master every one of them.

When you master a new skill or get better at a skill you already have, your self-esteem will naturally grow.

7. Challenge Your Beliefs

The seventh powerful tactic that instantly boosts self-esteem is to challenge your beliefs

When you have beliefs that do not serve you or are not helping you in a positive light, then it will lower your self-esteem.

I know that I say this almost every time I talk something about beliefs but you have to become aware of your beliefs about low self-esteem.

You can not know your own beliefs about low self-esteem until you become aware of them.

Once you become aware of your beliefs, do some self enquire.

All you have to ask is ¨is this belief even true? and Were did this belief is coming from?¨

Most likely the belief is not true at all and you can then let go of your belief altogether.

Once you do, you will experience higher self-esteem.

8. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Staying in the comfort zone will make you have low self-esteem.

To increase it, you will have to get out of your comfort zone.

Now it will be scary sometimes, especially if you have never tried it before.

But who knows, maybe this new thing that you will try out will be your next favorite hobby.

You can not get a different result if you are doing something over and over and over again.

Doing the same thing but expecting different results is just plain insanity.

So if you want higher self-esteem, you will have to do something that you have never done before.

If you are doing the same things, you will keep on having low self-esteem.

Once you get out of your comfort zone, you might notice that your self-esteem increases.

9. Increase Your Value

The ninth powerful tactic that instantly boosts self-esteem is knowing your values.

Most likely than not, you have self-esteem because you do not value yourself to highly.

You might not appreciate or even like yourself at all.

To change this, you have to learn how to like yourself and increase how you value yourself.

It is not necessarily changing yourself to be likable it is more like accepting who you are right now.

We all have flaws and everybody is perfect and that it is perfectly okay.

We need to accept who we are even the parts of us that are not so pretty.

Once you accept who you are, you will be able to value yourself more and have higher self-esteem.

10. List What You Accomplished Over The Years

List what you accomplished over the years.

It does not have to be a huge accomplishment, it can be as little as I took the trash out yesterday.

You can make this list on a piece of paper or your phone.

It does not matter how you write it down, just do it.

After you wrote down all of your accomplishments, go over and read all of them.

You might start to notice that you accomplished a lot of things over the years.

They might be small accomplishments, but they are still accomplishments never the less.

You then might start to notice that your self-esteem increases because you realize that you accomplished a lot over the years.


If you do some of the things that I talked about in this blog post, then you will increase your overall self-esteem.

And remember, high self-esteem is not about how you feel when everything is going good, it is about how you feel about yourself when everything is going bad.

That is all I have for this article.

If you have any questions or you want to share something related to self-esteem then comment them down below and I will reply to you as soon as I can.

I hope that you enjoyed this and have a wonderful day.


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