10 Ways To Feel More Happy

Do You Want To Feel Happy Most Of The Time?

Are you wondering about different ways to feel more happy?

I think that most people want to feel happy most of the time.

But what I don’t think that some people don’t understand is that happiness is an inside job and things from the outside won’t make you happy.

Like most people, I struggled to feel happy.

I thought that once I get something (like a computer or a video game for example) I will feel happier.

Once I get those things I will feel excited and happy for a little and then will go back the not feeling good.

I now understand that you won’t be happy at all if you are relying on stuff on the outside to make you happy.

So in this blog, I will tell you 10 ways you can feel happier in your life.

1. Exercise

It is very difficult to be happy when you are unhealthy and don’t exercise.

So it is very important that you exercise because when you do exercise, you will be more fit, healthy and you will feel happier in life.

You can play a sport like basketball, soccer, baseball, or any other sport you are interested in or you can go to the gym and work out; you can even go out on a run.

There are multiple exercises that you can do, but do the ones that you think will be best for you.

2. Do What You Are Passionate About

Another thing that you can do to feel happier is to do something that you are passionate about.

When you are doing something that you are passionate about, you feel more joy and happiness when you do it and time flies while you do your passion as well.

We live in a time that you can do what you are passionate about for a living whether it’s writing, drawing, teaching, or something else.

So don’t make an excuse for not doing what you are passionate about, just do it.

3. Spend Time In Nature

A lot of times, we spend too much time on electronics and as a result, we are drained and don’t feel all the great.

When you take your time to go into nature, you might feel more peaceful and feel happier as a result of being in nature.

I know this from personal experience, I always try to spend at least 30 minutes in nature every day and as a result, I feel more at peace or more on my computer or phone doing nothing.

You don’t have to drive to a big forest and walk around for the rest of the day (though you can if you want too).

You can just sit in your backyard and just chill for half an hour or more.

If you do this, you might feel more at peace with yourself and feel a little happier.

You can learn more about the benefits of being in nature if you really want to.

4. Self Care

Taking care of yourself is a crucial part of being happier.

If you don’t take care of yourself, then how are you going the be happy?

When you take care of yourself, you will be happier and you will be taking care of yourself very well instead of very poor.

Some things that you can do is to practice self-care.

Take some time from yourself every day and do some things for yourself.

Whether it’s taking a nice long hot bath or sleeping a little during the day.

Or you can also take a vacation or have a message.

5. Get Plenty of (Sleep)

It is very important to get plenty of rest, I feel like that most people don’t sleep well at all which isn’t a good thing at all.

When you don’t get plenty of sleep, you can’t really focus that well, you get sick, and you can’t really concentrate on stuff like work or just doing everyday things.

The average amount of sleep a person should get is about 8 hours of sleep.

So try to aim to get this certain amount of sleep and if you do you will feel more refreshed and will feel happier because you got a nice rest.

Though I do understand as well that it’s not the quantity of sleep that you get, it’s the quality of sleep that you get.

So you can experiment with what works best, whether you need more or less sleep, or maybe you need to not eat after dinner or maybe something else.

But when you do figure out what works best for you, you will feel more refreshed in the morning and overall happier.

6. learn New things

Learning New Things is also another way to feel happier, pretending to know everything is not the way to go.

You will have more conflict when you think that you know everything then knowing that you hardly know anything and learning new things.

Learning new things can make you learn how to do something, how to do something better, or doing something faster.

So you can learn something from a book, online, or other people.

I would recommend learning how to cook, and most importantly in this day in age, learning about finances.

It is very important to learn more about finances because schools do not teach this stuff, and most parents don’t either or don’t know about finances themselves.

My parents don’t teach me finances, but I am very grateful that I am interested in learning finances at a young age (18 now).

I have some YouTubers that I watch that talk a little about finances and I am even reading a business tax book (because I wanted to learn more about taxes).

People should especially learn about budgeting, a lot of people don’t know how to budget well and I find it kind of sad and a little disturbing, but that’s the reality.

7. Practice Letting go

Practice letting go is another thing that you can do to feel happier.

When you do practice letting go, you don’t carry things that happened during the past or having a negative perception of how one of your family members are.

If you don’t let go, then you might be living in your past and will hold some sort of negativity.

negativity leads to unhappiness so let go of the past and let go of anything that is making you unhappy or is not serving you.

One of the things that I had to let go of my old friends.

It was tough because I been friends with them for a long time (like 10 years) but I realized that they weren’t making me better, they didn’t look out for me, and they talked about me behind my back.

When they started talking about me behind my back, that’s when I decided to not be friends with them anymore and I let go.

It was hard, but I did it and I don’t regret it one bit because I feel much happier than I was before.

8. Practice Gratitude

I feel like that most people are not grateful for what they have and it’s an important thing to practice.

When you practice gratitude, you feel grateful for the things that you have and you feel good when you are practicing gratitude.

One of the things you can do to practice gratitude is to get a notebook or a piece of paper and write either 5, 10, or 20 things that you are grateful for having in your life.

It can be as simple as being grateful to have all 5 fingers and of course you can write down more than 20.

I practice gratitude ever since June of 2019 and I could say that It does make a difference.

I am much more grateful for the things that I have and I feel happier as a result.

9. Don’t Really On Outside Things

What I mean by this is don’t rely on outside things to make you happy.

The things on the outside will never make you happy long term, happiness is an inside job.

When you realize that nothing on the outside will make you happy, you will start looking within and be happy for no reason.

I’m not saying that you will be happy 100% of the time, you will have your ups and downs and you would just feel happy most or more of the time.

10. Eating Healthy

The last thing that you can do to feel happier is to eat healthily, this doesn’t mean that you have to go vegan or vegetarian but it is really important to eat healthily.

You are what you eat and if you eat junk like processed meats, Candy, and Sugar Candy(soda) then you will feel like crap plain and simple.

What I will recommend is to cut out all of the processed meats and junk food and replace it with fruits vegetables, meats (if you want to still be a meat-eater) and other nutrients that you need.

If you want you can also see a nutritionist see exactly what you need, and what you need to include in your diet or need to exclude in your diet.

When you are healthy, you will feel more healthy because you are eating healthy food.


A lot of people want to be happy, relying on something outside of you for happiness is not the way to go.

Go within, and you will realize that you don’t need to rely on things from the outside to make you happy.

If you do at least one of the things that I mentioned in this blog, then you will feel happier in your life.

Do you have trouble with being happy? what do you do to that makes you feel happy? Feel free to comment down below and I will reply to you as soon as I can take.

Hope you are having a wonderful day,



  1. I can relate so much to all of what you have written here. I am in complete agreement with you. There is often a focus on the physical side to health with out the mental side.

    I really enjoyed this. Thank you for posting.

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