11 Signs That You Are Stressing Out Right Now

Everybody goes through stress from time to time and feeling a little stress is okay to feel.

But it becomes really unhealthy and can harm us if we are stressed out a lot of the time or all the time.

If you feel really stressed out and want to know why then you came to the right place.

In this article, I am going to talk about specifically 11 signs that you are stressing out right now.

Those signs consist of…

  1. You Are Eating Way Too Much
  2. You Feel Burned Out
  3. Don’t Want To Do Anything
  4. Lack Of Sleep
  5. Feeling Sick
  6. Having Headaches Frequently
  7. Feeling Depressed
  8. Can Not Concentrate
  9. Being Constantly Worrying
  10. Trouble Making Decisions
  11. You Struggle To Relax

If you are wondering what are the best ways to get rid of stress it is being aware of where the stress first came from and letting it go.

Another way that helps a lot is meditation and breathwork.

I mention meditation a couple of times throughout the article and that is because it is so beneficial.

You can check out my blog on it to see how to have a great meditation experience if your new.

Now let us get right into the article, shall we?

1. You Are Eating Way Too Much

The first sign that you are stressing out right now is that you are eating a lot more than you should be especially if it is junk food.

You might feel like eating a lot of food because it is a gateway to numbing the emotion or avoiding the emotion altogether.

The emotion of stress will still be with you until you resolve it and eating more food is not a way to resolve it.

You would have to recognize that you are stressed and recognize why you are stressed and usually you can let go of stress once you found out the reason why you are stressed.

I find that I do this myself sometimes. For example, in the past month or so, I noticed that I was eating a lot more than I usually have and definitely a lot more than I should.

I really couldn’t figure out why until I was grabbing something to eat and it just hit me. I was eating so I can numb or escape the feeling of stress that I was feeling for a while now.

2. You Feel Burned Out

Another reason that you might be stressed out is that you feel burned out.

When you are working very hard and constantly every day and have to do a lot during the day, you would be stressed out and be burned out pretty quickly.

I have been burned out plenty of times especially in the last 6 months because I go to school, work on the weekends and blog just about every day.

Though I have found some solutions that may help me feel less burned out and feel less stressed out base on my experiences and what works for me.

One thing that you can do to solve this is to just work less and rest a little bit.

Sit on the couch and literally do nothing for about 20 minutes or up to an hour if you like.

I have found that taking a break and doing literally nothing for some time really helps me get less burned out and I also regain a lot of my energy too.

So just plan when you are doing nothing during the day and follow through with it.

I promise you will feel the benefits from it.

Also meditating will help to or anything that will help you to not be burned out.

3. Don’t Want To Do Anything

Don’t want to do anything is a sign of being stressed out.

I would say if you don’t feel like do not want to do anything then you should just sit in a bathtub and just relax for the day.

I would suggest that you do at least something productive during the day.

It doesn’t have to be that big it could just be washing the dishes, putting the trash out, or something else that might be productive.

But if this is an ongoing thing, then find the core reason of why you are so stressed and don’t feel like doing anything today.

Maybe it is because of all of the work that you had to do at school? Is it because of work? Find the reason that you don’t want to do anything.

When you do, you can go back to what you needed to do and if you still find yourself you don’t want to do anything, then just relax and don’t stress about it.

4. Lack Of Sleep

This I feel is one of the most common signs that you are stressing out.

I know when I used to be stressed out a lot, I had a very hard time sleeping at night.

I would stay up at night thinking and stressing over the things that happened in the past and on the things that might happen in the future and so on.

If you find yourself that you are lacking sleep and have a hard time sleeping, it might be because of stress.

I would recommend meditating right before you go to bed or find some type of way to calm the mind because really stress mainly stems from the mind.

If you can calm the mind, you would be stress-free and will experience peace of mind.

5. Feeling Sick

When stress keeps on building up over time, it might manifest into a sickness.

If you are feeling ill or sick, you might be stressed out.

according to parants.com stress suppress the immune system, making it easier to get sick.

I have noticed this from other people too.

I find that the people that are stressing the most are getting sick the most.

Especially my parents and my brother.

They stress on things a lot more than I do and they get sick a lot more then I do.

So know that you know stress is connected to sickness, make sure that the reason why you are feeling sick is because of stress.

knowing this and letting go of the stress might make you feel a little better.

6. Having Headaches Frequently

The six sign that you are feeling stressed out is that you are having headaches frequently.

Emotional stress is one of the common causes of headaches.

If you have headaches frequently from stress, then you would need some type of stress management.

I usually don’t get headaches from stress or really headaches at all but I have family members who get headaches almost all of the time due to stress.

Some things that you can due to get rid of the headache are to rest in a dark room, listen to some binaural beats, exercise, relax, or massage away any tension headaches.

When I get a headache, I usually rest in a dark room but what usually works for me is to listen to binaural beats.

Certain binaural beats are for headache relief.

I don’t know if they work for everybody, but it has worked for me.

If you are wondering which one it is well it is the one that is towards the bottom of this sentence.

If this doesn’t really work for you, I would recommend sitting in a hot bath or a cold bath as this helps me too.

7. Feeling Depressed

We all feel depressed from time to time but stress can also eventually leed you feeling depressed.

Stress can cause us to increase unhealthy coping like drinking alcohol or just eating junk food which affects our mood greatly.

And it could lead to depression if it is not solved or dealt with right away.

A couple of ways that you can tell if depression is the cause of stress is if you are not sleeping well or you can also tell by tracing back when the stress all started.

Sitting down and thinking of when the stress all started will help you be aware of your stress and how it leads to depression.

There are also multiple ways in which you can combat stress and depression.

What Personally works for me that might work for you is doing some type of activity like yoga or meditation.

I usually do some meditation when I feel depressed or a little down so my mind can be calm and I do yoga so my mood can increase and for my mind to be a little clear as well.

So just make sure to find something that improves your mood and helps you get in a piece of mind.

8. Can Not Concentrate

If you are stressing out it will, of course, be hard to concentrate on the task at hand.

specifically, emotional stress is the cause of not being able to concentrate that well.

First, make sure that stress is the reason that you are not concentrating.

There could be a lot of other reasons why you can not concentrate like depression for example.

I would recommend that you go to a quiet place where there are no distractions so you can figure out why you can not concentrate.

If you find out that stress is the cause of you not being able to concentrate, then let go of the stress.

I would recommend going in nature if you can as I find it to be a big stress release.

9. Being Constantly Worrying

The ninth sign that you are stressing out right now is you are constantly worrying about stuff.

I see a lot of people worry about this and worry about that and I can see that it stresses people out a lot.

Some people live in constant worry and it is sad.

If you recognize that you are stressing out because you are worrying so much then I want you to do this.

I want you to start meditating or do some type of thing that will quit or calm the mind.

When you calm the mind, you will not worry anymore because the mind will be in a peaceful state.

Though it won’t last very long if you only do it once or twice and that is it.

You would have to practice having a quit and peaceful mind or what is also called mindfulness.

Be mindful of all the things that you are worrying about and simply let them go.

10. Trouble Making Decisions

Having trouble making even the simplest decisions is a sign that you are stressed out.

I see this all the time with people especially my parents.

I see that they have trouble making what seem like very simple decisions by being stressed most of the time.

The thing is that we make a lot of decisions in a given day.

If you feel stressed and struggle to make the right decision every day just imagine how many decisions you made that didn’t benefit you or were helpful in any way.

That is a lot, if you find it hard making decisions because of stress, then I would say take a few deep breaths and make a decision that is best for you.

By breathing deeply in and out first, it will help you calm your mind more and will be able to help you make better decisions.

11. You Struggle To Relax

The last sign that you are very stressed out right now is that you struggle to just sit back and relax.

This might be more due to body stress but mental stress takes a part on it as well.

It is very difficult to relax if your body and mind are stressed out.

To be able to relax, you will have to identify where you feel tense.

After you identify where you feel tense, loosen up that part of the body.

Loosening up the tense part of the body will allow you to relax more and have no stress in theirs.

You can also breathe to relax.

What you want to do while breathing is to breathe in through the nose on a count of four, hold it for four, then breath out through the mouth on a count of four.

Keep repeating this until you have done about ten of them.

You will feel more relaxed and calm after you have done it.


We all feel stress from time to time.

But there be a certain point where we feel to much stress and in that situation have to do something about it.

If you recognize that any of these signs resonate with you then make sure to take action to eliminate the cause of the stress.

I hope that this article has helped you in some way.

That is all I have for this blogpost.

Make sure that if you have any questions or if you want to talk about your experience on stress or how you overcome stress then please comment them below and I will reply to you as soon as I can.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my blog post and have a wonderful stress free day.


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