November 11, 2019
7 Ways To Not be Frustrated All The Time

4 Reasons Why You Feel So Frustrated

Do You Feel Frustrated All The Time?

Feeling frustrated is not an emotion that a person wants to feel all of the time. Frustration usually stems from stress on something that you want to change but don’t really have control over it or you think that you don’t have control over a situation, either from something that happened during the day or something that happened in sometime in the past.

Why Am I feeling Frustrated?

There are multiple reasons why you are feeling frustrated. Some of the reasons why you might be frustrated that I’ll talk more about in this article is that you are engaging in too much negativity, spend too much time on the electronics, or you are comparing yourself to other people. Now here are the reasons why you feel frustrated all of the time.

1. You’re comparing Yourself

Living becomes very difficult when you wish to be like someone else. Materialism and Titles won’t really make you have happiness and joy in your life. One of the things that will give you happiness and joy is inspiring other people, doing what you love, and not relying on anything outside of you to make you feel happy or joy.

Ask yourself “What do I really value?”.  Could it be family, helping others, time, freedom, or you just want to live a simple life? Make a list on a piece of paper or notepad of all the things that you value the most and take action on those things.

2. You Feel Like A failure


Do you feel that you are defeated, or that all the work and effort that you put into one certain thing didn’t pay off? Life is always putting roadblocks or road signs to guide you along your journey in this lifetime.

When you are disappointed in something in your life, seeing everything in life as an opportunity will keep you challenged in a good way. The ability to adapt and learn is very necessary to live a very wonderful life. If you don’t evolve, then your life will be very hard and difficult and you would already die before you are truly dead. Try something new once in a while, follow what you are passionate about.

3. Spending To much Time On Electronics

Technology is a great thing that we have today, it has grown a lot in the past decade, and basically, everyone uses technology every day. But there comes a certain point where you have been on electronics for a way too long. Maybe one of the reasons why you feel frustrated because you are drained from being on the electronics for a way to long.

I would highly suggest to cut down on the amount of time that you are spending on technology and get out and be in nature. When you spend more time in nature, you will feel less drained, you will reduce stress, and you will feel more at peace. So when you have the chance, spend some time in nature, it is very beneficial for you.

I used to play video games and watch TV for the majority of the day and I felt very drained and frustrated most of the day. But when I decided to cut down the time I spent on video games and watching TV and read and going into nature more, I felt a lot more at peace, and I wasn’t frustrated all of the time or at all.

4. Engaging In Negativity

When you are engaging in negativity whether it’s the news, a person, or something else, you will feel negative plain and simple. part of living a good life is being peaceful even when the people around you are being negative. When other people are engaging in negativity, it is very important that you don’t take part or getting sucked into the negativity.

Consider ending your support of negative content or people. Become responsible for yourself and the type of media that you are intaking every single day and the type of people that you hang around. Share something uplifting and things that you love on social media. And of course, have some common ground to those who you come into contact with.

personally, with me, I had to end my friendship with many of my friends because of how negative they were.  It was a difficult thing to do because I was friends with them ever since childhood but I did it and I feel better now, and I don’t experience as much negativity as I did before.


Feeling frustration is not a good emotion to feel at all, you might have to cut out some people, or you have to cut out your time from electronics, but in the end, it is well worth it because you will feel less frustrated. If you implement any of the things that I mentioned in this article, then you will feel less frustrated in your life.

If you want to share any your experiences of frustration or you have any questions, then you can put it in the comments below.




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