5 Things you Can Do To be More Motivated

Are You Struggling To Get Motivated To Do Something?

Are you trying to find things you can do to be more motivated?

A lot of people struggle to get motivated to do something whether it’s doing chores, cleaning the house, or going to the gym.

Even the most motivated people get unmotivated at times including myself at times.

Being motivated to do something can seem impossible at times, you don’t feel like doing anything.

I’ve been there countless times, I still get unmotivated at times but I’ve learned a couple of ways to get out of the slump.

So in this blog, I will tell you different things that you can do to be more motivated.

1. Set Goals

One of the reasons why you don’t have the motivation to do certain things is because you don’t set goals.

When you don’t set any goals, you don’t know what you want to accomplish during your lifetime.

You don’t have to set too many goals, it is probably more beneficial than you focus or try to accomplish one goal.

Focusing on accomplishing multiple goals will make you struggle to maintain your focus on accomplishing them.

So if you are setting goals, focus on one goal and only focus on achieving that one goal and when you achieve that goal, focus on achieving the next goal.

2. Get Rid of Negative Beliefs

Having negative beliefs will defiantly slow you down and will keep you unmotivated to do.

You should start to observe your thoughts.

Recognize any negative talk, which is the cause of your slumps.

Take a few days to be aware of all the negative thought that is in your mind.

Then after a few days, let go of the negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts.

So If one of your negative thoughts is “This is Impossible! replace the negative thought with This is very possible!

One of the things that you can do to observe your thoughts is meditation, I do meditation and it has helped me tremendously.

I observe the negative thoughts that are in my mind, I let the negative thought go and I replace it with a positive thought.

Another one that I do is breath-work, it helps you be more in a peaceful state and it helps you to quiet your mind as well.

You can learn more about how to remove negative beliefs if you want to.

3. Stop Procrastinating

How To Stop Procrastinating

A reason why you are unmotivated to do stuff is that you procrastinate on doing things.

I had a hard time with this, I almost always procrastinated on things that I had to do whether it was homework from school, a school project, or having to do chores at home.

One of the things that helped me procrastinate a lot less often is to just do it.

When you just do it and take action, you will procrastinate less, you will get more stuff done, and you will also be more motivated to do stuff as well.

If you want to learn more, then check out my blog post on procrastination.

Anyway, let us move on to the next reason.

4. Think About The Benefit instead Of The Difficulty

Thinking about how difficult something is will more likely than not make you less motivated to do it.

One example of this is when you have some homework that you are having a very difficult time with.

You think about how difficult the homework is and decided to not to do it all together.

You then get a bad grade as a result of not doing or finishing the homework.

This happened to me more than I can count, I used to struggle to have the motivation to finish my homework.

I still do at times but know I focus on the benefit of doing the homework instead of the opposite.

When I changed my focus, I noticed that I was more productive and I was more motivated than I used too.

5. Reward Yourself

The last thing that I’m going to talk about that helps you to stay motivated is to reward yourself.

A study in 2018 found that giving yourself a small treat after you’ve achieved a goal helps to maintain motivation.

You don’t want to buy something expensive when you are trying to save money of course, but it is very beneficial to treat yourself after you accomplished a goal.

I never really treat myself when I accomplish a goal, but if the goal was huge and I achieved it, then I would treat myself like going to one of my favorite restaurants or getting one of my favorite snacks.


Everybody eventually gets unmotivated at times.

The most important thing that you can learn is how to get out of the slump and be motivated again.

If you do any of the things and implement anything that I mentioned in this blog, then you will have more motivation than before.

Remember, you will get unmotivated at some point, but you can get out of the slump and be motivated again.

Do you struggle with motivation? Did you get out of the slump before? How did you get out of the slump? comment below if you want and you can also ask questions in the comments as well if you have any.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say in this blog. I hope that you guys are having a fantastic day.


  1. I was thinking about quitting procrastinating, but I was putting it off. Like I’ve been putting off trimming my cat’s claws. They are snagging the carpet now, but have you ever trimmed a cat’s claws? It doesn’t hurt them at all, but they hate being held still and having someone mess with their weaponry. Anyway, *sigh*, your article has motivated me. I will now get up, get the trimmers, and snip away. Btw, Marlon hates your article, but I think it’s great! Keep up the good work!

    • Thank You, I never trimmed a cat’s claws before but I have helped trim a cat’s claw numerous times by holding the cat. I used to have a cat named cookie. She didn’t really like getting her nails trimmed as well. I would have to hold her and my mom would trim her nails. cookie didn’t really try to escape that often, I think it’s because she knew it had to be done. Glad the article motivated you, Cathy.

  2. It’s funny to read one of the first things people find lack of motivation is the housework, cos that’s exactly what I was thinking when I started reading your post lol! I agree with all of your items listed here. Setting goals is the one thing that can motivate me to do my housework, as well as other activities I want/need to finish.

    The negative self talk can also be very powerful in determining what the outcome of your day will be, so I’m always aware of what direction my thoughts are in. I find I don’t really need to reward myself though, because I do feel such a great feeling when I recognise and acknowledge my achievement which is reward in itself. Thanks heaps for putting this together. It’s sensible and practical.

    • Your welcome, sometimes I don’t need to reward myself as well. Not too long ago I cleaned my living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedroom. It took about 2 hours, but I felt very proud that I cleaned some of the house, and to me, the reward was a cleaner house 🙂

  3. Your number two is so good. So often we lose ourselves in negative thoughts about the future. I help people to quit smoking on http://www.smokingisachoice.com one of the greatest barriers people have to overcome, then they make their decision to quit, is fear of having a smoking nostalgia for the rest of their lives. In other words, they fear never to smoke again, instead to be excited they gonna have a way better quality of life.

    Irrational fear is one of the greatest enemies of our motivation, I believe you can expand on this one in the future.

    • I will expand on this in the future. I used to lose myself in negative thoughts but it was mostly about the past, not really the future not saying that I didn’t lose myself in fear of the future because I definitely did a couple of times. it’s nice that you are helping people quit smoking. I personally never smoked(and never will) but I know some people in my life that smokes. I’m very grateful that my parents don’t smoke.

  4. You are very correct right there. You see, goals are the driving force of whatever you are doing. They are what give you reason to go out every day, doing what you and refusing to give up no matter what happens. They are what make you stand out because you know where you are going.
    Anyone without goals, will only drift around and end up nowhere. So, that is a very important fact you just pointed out and i hope it will go a long to help so many people give their life a direction.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks, I used to not have goals at all. I only recently decided to write down the goals I wanted to have for my business in a month, 6 months, and so on.
      I also write down goals and stuff that I want to accomplish the next day. It has made my life more organized and it has helped me organize my time a little better.

  5. I am currently starting a new project and it is so easy to get distracted when things get difficult.
    Thank you so much for your advice. I have book marked it so I can re-read when I am feeling unmotivated.
    All the best.

  6. Another great post that I can relate to. It was like you were talking directly to me. Look forward to more.

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