6 Ways To Deal With Angry people

Are you trying to find different ways to deal with angry people?

Do you find yourself dealing with angry people all the time? Are you trying to find a way to deal with angry people?

It can be really difficult to be around or respond to an angry person and stay calm around them.

I know how you feel because I have a really hard time dealing with angry people at times too.

My parents and my brother seem to become angry easily and sometimes I wanted to yell at them back.

But I have learned over the years how to deal and respond to angry people better.

I am not perfect and I still sometimes still feel like yelling at them back but I have gotten better at it.

I know that some or a lot of you find it rather hard to respond to an angry person, so in this blog post, you will learn how to deal with angry people.

After reading this blog post,  you will be better equipped the next time you encounter an angry person.

1. Don’t React With Anger

I know that this is stupid obvious for most people, but it is very vital to do in order to deal with being around an angry person.

Remember, when you react with anger, you are letting the angry person have almost complete control over you.

You must be aware and take responsibility for your own emotions to handle any situation that you are in.

Find out within yourself the cause for your reactions towards the angry person.

Ask yourself “Why is there anger triggering me so much”?

You can master your own emotions even more just by understanding your triggers alone.

Even if you have thought you understand your triggers, there might be some triggers that may come up to the surface.

So I am going to go over the process I like to call “the trigger process”.

This process that I go through help me understand my own triggers.

You can learn more about how to not react with anger if you want.

The Trigger Process

I still get triggered sometimes and I’m still discovering why I get triggered in certain situations.

One example is that I notice that I get triggered when my brother is yelling at my parents for the littlest things.

So instead of being angry and yelling at him back to stop whining, I feel the anger that is inside me and I ask myself a couple of questions which go like this, “why do I feel angry? Why does this situation trigger me into feeling angry?

Is it my own anger that I am feeling? What is the best way to subside this anger?

Those questions will oftentimes give me the answers that I needed in order to deal with the situation that I am in.

In most cases, I usually feel the anger anyways and understand that it is okay to feel angry and that it will pass.

The key to this is not reacting while also feeling anger.

This might be really hard to do and will take some time to master, but it is well worth it.

I am still learning and mastering myself, I sometimes still don’t know the definite answer to why I get so triggered sometimes.

Sometimes the answer is just feeling it but not reacting with it.

By not reacting in anger, you are able to find ways to deal with angry people better.

2. Seek To Understand The Other Person

When someone is angry, there is usually some type of pain behind their anger.

Yelling at them will not help the situation at all, it will just make it worse.

So instead of yelling at them, Seek to understand the other person, They usually feel resentment, wounded, and misunderstood.

So try to be compassionate and understanding to the other person, because only hurt people hurt people.

Anger can also be a learned behavior.

It is usually learned from a family member or someone else and it becomes a habit over time.

If you had any bad habits, you know it can be hard to change it and sometimes you feel bad when you fail to break it.

Anger habits blind people in their responsibility for their pain.

They usually lash out at people to feel better.

I used to have a bad habit of feeling angry all of the time.

I remember that I was a really angry person at around age 9.

I can’t remember specifically why I was angry all the time back then, but all I could remember is that I was angry most of the time.

Then I had around 2 years of not being angry at all, and then when I hit my teens, I become to feel angry a lot again.

When I was around 16 years old, I realized that I was making a bad habit of being angry and yelling at people when I didn’t have too at all or it was unnecessary.

So I quickly worked on myself to make it a habit to not be angry or react with anger so much.

About a year later, I hardly get mad or angry anymore.

I still get angry sometimes but it is very rare and when I do.

3. Don’t Be Afraid Of Anger

For some highly sensitive people (including myself) experiencing someones, anger can be very uncomfortable.

Angry people can know that you are sensitive to there anger and use it to control you or take advantage of you in some shape or form.

You must train yourself and understand that anger by itself won’t hurt you.

It’s just another expression of emotion, and though it might be very uncomfortable, It doesn’t have to be threatening unless you allow it to be threatening.

If someone is using physical harm then you should leave that person altogether.

You don’t need to be controlling by raising your voice or saying a harsh or angry comment.

Sadly, some people don’t get this.

Make sure to stand your ground like you would with a bully.

A lot of angry people will back down or won’t bother you anymore because they know that they can’t control you when you stand your ground.

You might also notice that once you know how to stand your ground that you won’t experience that many angry people in your life.

When you do encounter an angry person, the argument or encounter will last a lot shorter than it used to because you know how to stand your ground.

Angry people or people, in general, would now know that they can’t have control over you.

4. Acknowledge That They Are Angry

Angry people often want to be heard and acknowledged.

All you need to say sometimes is ‘I see that you are upset”.

This simple acknowledgment might release some anger that the other person has inside them for either a short time or for a long time.

At that moment, you can simply say “I hear you”.

The angry person might still be angry or frustrated because you’re not being reactive at all.

At this point, say that you will be open to discuss the situation when the angry person can calm down or able to have a calm conversation.

Then give them plenty of space for them to cool off.

It allows you to keep control of your emotions while not making the other person’s anger worse.

5. Be Kind

People’s behavior is a direct reflection of how they truly feel inside of themselves.

Angry people need love and kindness more than anything else if you return or you react with anger it would only make their anger even worse, and you will not feel that good either.
It would be a loss to lose the situation.

At that point, you would be fighting fire with fire.

When you are kind, or at least not reacting with anger, most likely than not kindness will disarm anger and might diffuse the other person’s anger or rage.

Showing kindness as well as understanding them will help an angry person see a better way to react.

I know that it can be very hard to be kind to a person that is angry or is angry at you and is yelling at you.

I live with people that can sometimes be angry easily.

It is very tempting to yell at them back sometimes.

I reminding myself that it wouldn’t help if I react with yelling back so I instead respond calmly and kindly.

6. Don’t Add To The Fire

I know that it is very tempting to fight or yell back when an angry person is yelling at you.

One thing that I do that is very effective is to not to give any energy to the other person.

In other words, don’t add to the fire.

When someone is yelling at me or is very angry, I usually look at them with a rather blank face and I usually say nothing or I would say okay.

I don’t say it in an angry tone because if I did, I would still be giving off energy to that person.

I say it in a rather neutral or calm tone.

This usually makes angry people go nuts because you are not reacting to them, they eventually don’t bother you anymore.

Trust me, it works pretty much every time.


Dealing with angry people can be very difficult sometimes.

Though you can choose to seek to understand them, be kind to them, or acknowledging that they are angry.

If you implement at least one of the things that were on this list, then you would have an easier time dealing and or responding to an angry person.

Do you have a person in your life that is angry all that time that you have to deal with?

Do you struggle with anger yourself? What strategies do you do yourself when dealing with anger or an angry person?

Which strategy helped you the most?

Please share your experiences in the comments below.

And if you have any questions at all then type them in the comments too.

I will try to reply you as soon as I can.

If you are having trouble diminishing your own anger, then I recommend checking out my blog post on the topic.

Anyway, I hope that you got some value out of this.

Have a wonderful day.

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