7 Huge Benefits Of Doing Breath Work Every Single Day

Have you recently heard or tried breathwork? Are you wondering what the huge benefits of doing breath-work are?

I have been introduced to breathwork about 6 months ago and I haven’t gone into breathwork until about a week ago.

A lot of people say that they got a lot of benefits from it and say that it is better than meditation.

So I began to do a little research and trying out breathwork to see how it is, and this is what I found while doing research on breathwork and doing breathwork on my own.

In my own opinion, breathwork is better than meditation when you want to be in a calm state fast.

I will now explain the benefits of breathwork that I found doing some research and me doing it personally.

I hope that you enjoy.

1. Makes Your Mind Calm

This first reason is really obvious and is most of the reason why people do breathwork in the first place (or me at least).

While you are doing breathwork, your mind gets quieter and quieter and quieter.

Eventually, your mind is completely silent, and you will experience the present moment without any chatter in the mind which is wonderful to experience.

Breathwork is beneficial if you need to go somewhere quickly.

If you are interested in different ways you can be present at the moment, then I would recommend checking out my blog on different ways you can be in the present moment, I think it would benefit you.

So if you have a very chattery mind, I would recommend doing breathwork, you would thank me later.

2. Process Emotions Easier

We all have suppressed emotions that have a hard time processing certain emotions like anger, sadness, jealousy, and so on.

I do too, and I sometimes still get angry (but not as much as I used too).

When I tried breathwork, I noticed that I was able to process my emotions a lot easier than I had before.

I even realized that I had some suppressed emotions and I was able to process them and let them go as well.

So, if you have a hard time processing emotions or want to process and let go of some of your suppressed emotions, then I would highly recommend to try out breathwork.

it would benefit you.

3. Increase Self Awareness

As a result of your mind being calm when you are doing breathwork, you will also notice that your self-awareness will increase.

You might notice some things about yourself or the world around you that you haven’t even notice before.

One example is that while I was doing breathwork, I became aware of how heavy my face was.

I then simply let that heaviness go because I know that it was stored emotions from the past, and in about 5 minutes going into breathwork, the heaviness on my face went away.

Also, I became aware of why people do certain things and more of what their beliefs are.

I think this is beneficial when helping other people, and if you have that certain awareness, then that’s awesome and if you don’t then that’s alright.

By increasing your self-awareness, you will be able to noticed and be aware of certain things you haven’t been aware of before.

4. Increase Self Esteem

Breathwork also increases your self-esteem.

This usually happens after you are done doing breathwork but I had times where I felt my self-esteem rise during my breathwork practice.

So ya, if you ever feel like you are having low self-esteem or you just have low self-esteem in general, then try out breathwork.

I would say that you will feel better afterward, I promise.

Oh ya and I also want to add, if you ever feel like you have low self-esteem and you want to know how to have higher self-esteem, then check out this video.

I think that it will help you have higher self-esteem.

Honestly, I used to have low self-esteem and sometimes, I fall into the old pattern of not having high self-esteem.

But I always do breathwork when this happens and it has helped me gain my self-esteem back.

5. Sleep Better

The fourth thing that is one of the benefits of doing breathwork is being able to sleep better.

Believe it or not, doing breathwork right before bed helps you sleep better at night.

I would recommend that you do breathwork starting about 20 minutes before you go to bed and doing breathwork for that 20 minutes as well.

Make sure that you haven’t been on your phone or any electronics at least one hour before bed.

This will make you sleep a lot easier during the night.

When you do breathwork, your mind is calm and the chit chatter in your mind is gone.

So you will have a lot easier time going to bed, sleep during the night, and waking up refreshed and getting on with your day.

You might even experience more lucid dreams as well.

When I used to do breathwork before bed, I experienced having lucid dreams a lot of the time.

I would say that I would have lucid dreams about 3 to four times a week on average which is a lot.

If you are interested in what lucid dreams are, then you should check out this video on what lucid dreams are.

6. Reduce Cravings

I didn’t even previously now that breathwork could reduce cravings.

But it does which I find pretty cool.

What you want to do is that if you are reaching or about or drink something that you are craving for, just take in about three to four deep conscious breathes in and out through the nose.

Also, you would think to yourself if eating or drinking the thing that you are desperately craving for would be worth the side effects of it.

Make sure you feel empowered and avoid eating the thing that your craving for if you decided it’s not worth it.

I need to try this myself because I notice that I’m craving more unhealthy foods and I’m eating a lot more food than I should so doing this would help me a lot and I know it can help you too.

If you want to know where I got this from, then click here.

7. Improve Focus

As you are taking more deep breaths in and out through the nose, you may notice that you become more focused.

So, when you are not focused on the task at hand, take in at least 3 deep conscious breaths in and out and you will be able to refocus on the task a hand and get it done quicker as a result.

I know that it works because I just tried it while making this blog post.

Sometimes I get a little unfocused and distracted while making my blog post and might do something else in the meantime.

To combat this and test to see if it works, I took in 3 conscious deep breaths and worked on my blog post.

I noticed that I was more focused on getting it done and I was able to get it done more quickly as well.

So I will take in some deep breaths when I get a little unfocused for now on.


If you want to go a step further and want to learn more about breathwork and the benefits of it, then I highly recommend getting The 3-week breathing technique to gain clarity, calm, and better health.

This book will help you even more so make sure to get it right now.

That is all I have for this blog on the benefits of breathwork.

If you have any questions at all or you want to share your experiences or knowledge on breathwork than feel free to comment them below.

I will reply to you as soon as I can.

Anyways, I hope that you guys enjoyed and have a good rest of your day.


  1. I try to use some breath work in my every day life and it is helpful.
    It is clear from this post that there are tons of useful and healthy benefits for using this technique.
    I sometimes find that there are times when I feel overwhelmed by life. During these moments it would be useful to try more breath work to help center myself.
    I would also agree that doing focused breath work could be better than meditation for calming yourself quickly.
    I will try to add more of this into my life so that I do not get as stressed about life.
    Thank you for sharing this information!

    • You are very welcome. One of the reasons why I do breathwork in the first place is because I feel stressed or overwhelmed by life. Plus, I usually do breathwork than meditation because I have to go to school during the week so I wanted to find something that would make me be in a calm state fast and that’s when I found breathwork. Doing breathwork is very well worth it.

  2. I love your post.

    I didn’t know beforehand that breathwork could help with cravings, which is kinda cool. I’m going to have to try it because I’ve been trying with no success to eat healthier.

    I’m also going to have to start practicing when I’m procrastinating on doing my work (whether that be writing new posts or doing social media)

    • Thanks for commenting! Ya, it is pretty cool that it could help with cravings. I didn’t know myself until after I research more on breathwork. I’m implementing in my work as well and so far, it has helped me a lot. I would also recommend listening to binaural beats as well. that works very well for me when I have to focus on getting some work done.

  3. Hi Scott,

    Thank you for sharing these amazing benefits from one simple technique. I have been doing meditation and controlled breathing for many years and I truly love how relaxed and focused I can be throughout the day. I’ll add that the benefits of breath-work are pretty similar to those of meditation and I’m wondering if there is a specific way to do breath work or is it just following a rhythm and doing some deep breathing techniques?

    • You are very welcome. I love how relaxed and focused I am after I meditated too. And to answer your question, there are a lot of ways to do breathwork. One of the ones I’m doing right now is taking a deep breath to the belly and the chest and breath out. I also used to do another breathing technique in the past where you breathe in deeply and breathe very rapidly through the nose as long as you can and then you take a deep breath in and hold it as long as you can and then breath it all out. So it’s just doing breathing techniques and following a rhythm I would say.

  4. Nice post with very practical information for us all. Your points were also great. I used to meditate but then fell out of the practice but I think I will start again after finding your website.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. These breathing techniques all seem to have there own unique benefits in some way that will help the person who apply these self help exercises .
    Thank you for the share I have book marked your site with other useful links that can compliment the expected process for the desired outcome I left a comment o your page Thank you and have a nice day.

  6. I felt it very easy to read through this blog. Lots off breathing space and breathtaking pictures. That brings me to saying, I am intrigued by how important and helpful, what we have , our breath, can be to us apart from the obvious that is keeping us alive.
    I like all the sections and headings, just wondering if there is a call to action or any link to more about this at the end or in your conclusion?
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Your welcome. I will add a call to action or a link at the end of the section. I’m glad that it was a very easy read for you. The photos were breathtaking for me too, especially the first photo. When I saw the first photo I knew I had to use it.

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