November 11, 2019
7 Reasons Why You Feel Angry

7 Reasons Why You Feel Angry

Do You Feel Angry And Upset All The Time?

Do you feel angry all the time? Do you want to stop being angry but don’t know how? Everybody feels angry and upset once in a while. but some people feel angry and upset most of the time and that is a problem.

To solve that, you need to find out why you are feeling mad or upset most of the time and when you do find out, you can work on letting go of the anger that is inside you.

If you don’t know why you feel angry, then you came to the right place. because I’m going to talk about why you feel angry all the time.

1. Bad Habits

One of the possible reasons why you feel angry is because of bad habits. One of the bad habits that I see all the time is the habit of blaming other people.

Not only will you have a bad relationship with everyone by having this habit, but you will feel be angry most of the time and will feel miserable too.

So if you know you have a bad habit that is causing you to feel angry, then change that habit right away.

Now I know that changing a habit is not easy and it does take time to get rid of a bad habit and implement a new one but it is well worth it in the long run.

When you get rid of a bad habit, you will notice that you feel angry less of the time and your relationships with other people will be better too.

2. Pain From The Past

Pain from the past is a possible reason why you feel angry. You might feel some resentment from what happened to you in the past or what you did in the past whether it was grief, abuse, or something else.

The only way to not be mad about what happened in the past is to let go of what happened in the past.

It will be hard to do (of course depending on what it is and how much pain you feel from it) but you have to let go to not be mad or suffer from it.

But once you do it, you will notice that once you do let go of the past, you will feel a whole lot better and you won’t feel less angry.

3. Jealousy

Jealously usually happens when someone has something or achieved something that you don’t have or achieved.

So instead of being jealous of what the other person has or achieved, think of how you can achieve the same thing, maybe even ask them what they did to achieve or have the thing that you wanted.

You will notice that you will feel less jealous and angry as a result of thinking about how to achieve the same thing.

4. Frustration

7 Ways To Not be Frustrated All The Time

When you are feeling frustrated with something in your life, you might respond to it with anger.  One example of this is your computer or laptop is being slower than usual. You get impatient and you start to get frustrated and angry because the computer is being slow.

One thing that you can do is to take in some deep breaths, it will make your mind calmer and you will feel less frustrated as a result of feeling calmer.

If you want to learn how to not be frustrated all the time, then check out my blog on how to not be frustrated all the time.

5. Manipulation

When you are trying to manipulate people or situations to be a certain way, then you will feel mad most of the time. I know this because I met some manipulative people. I noticed that when they try to manipulate people and situations, they get very mad especially when a person or situation doesn’t go their way.

One thing that you can do to stop manipulating is to stop trying to control everything and let everything be what it is.

You will feel a lot better when you let everything to be what it is instead of trying to control everything. It might be hard to do if you have done it for a while but it is well worth it.

You might even look back and see that it was very unnecessary to try to control everything and you might even realize that trying to control everything had more of a tole on you than just letting things be the way they are.

6. Powerlessness

You might feel angry because you feel like you are powerless. people who feel powerless usually don’t have any confidence in themselves and they feel like they can’t do anything.

So one of the things that you can do to not feel powerless is to be more confident in yourself. When you are confident, you will take more action, and you will feel like you can do anything which in result, will make you more confident. I talked more about confidence in another blog, you can go check it out here. Anyway, let’s get back to the post.

Maybe you might be thinking, “why does being confident have to do with being angry?” And my answer is, some people will feel angry because they feel powerless. When they feel powerless, they usually don’t have any confidence.  So when they feel confident, their anger will go away because they don’t feel powerless anymore.

7. Approval Seeking

The final reason why you feel angry is that you are seeking approval from other people. When you seek approval from another person and you don’t get the type of reaction from them that you wanted, then you will feel angry either at the person who you were seeking validation from or yourself.

I used to seek approval from others when I was younger, I remembered that when I seek approval from another person and I don’t get a certain reaction from them, I will feel mad at the person and I would also not feel validated too.

You won’t only get mad, but you will also don’t feel worthy. If you felt worthy, you wouldn’t try to seek approval at all.

So to solve this, accept yourself, and have self-worth. It will take a little bit of time to do, I’m still working on it but you will see over time that you will accept yourself more, you will have more self-worth, and you will feel less angry.


Doing nothing and not realizing why you are angry won’t change a thing. So you must take action and figure out why you are mad and when you do find out, start to work on yourself and let go of the anger that is inside of you.

If you want to share any of your experiences with anger and how you overcome it or you want to ask a question, then comment below.

That’s all I have for this blog post, I hope that you enjoyed reading this and got something out of this. Have a great day.








2 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Feel Angry

  1. There are some grammar errors in your post. Also some of the pictures are not working, they just show up as a blank white box. This is a good article overall about anger. There are many different reasons why we feel certain emotions. Many people view anger as a “bad” emotion but it depends on how we handle our anger, that is what makes the difference. Anger is a normal part of life.

    1. Okay, thank you for letting me know. I was editing the post on my Chromebook and I didn’t have Grammarly and I didn’t double-check my grammar. I totally agree with what you are saying, It does just truly depends on how we handle our anger.

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