7 Secretes Of Why You Why You Are Unproductive (And How To Solve Them)

Do you tend to intend to get a lot of things done during the day and not get around to do it? Do you do this often?

If you do, you are not alone.

There are plenty of reasons why you are unproductive, but there are some reasons that might surprise you that might play a big part in it.

In this blog post, I am going to talk about 7 secrets of why you are unproductive and how to solve them.

In the first section, I talk about the secrete reasons of why you are unproductive.

Those 7 secrete reasons are:

  • identity
  • spending too much energy
  • belief systems
  • fear of failure
  • making excuses
  • distractions
  • eating unhealthy and lack of exercise

In the second section where I talk about how to solve them.

Those solutions are:

  • change the way you see yourself
  • be aware and change your belief systems
  • manage your energy better
  • look at fear right in the face
  • stop making excuses
  • eat healthier
  • detox from distractions

Now that you know what I will be going through in this article,  we can now begin.

1. Identity

The first secrete of why you are unproductive is because you identify yourself as an unproductive person.

Maybe you are asking, What is Identity?

Well, identity is how you see yourself.

It is a little bit like belief systems, but much deeper.

Maybe you are unproductive because you see yourself as an unproductive person.

Or maybe you see yourself as a lazy person too.

You see that being unproductive and lazy is part of your identity.

To change this, you have to see yourself and Identify as a productive person.

Don´t try being a productive person, just be a productive person.

If you don´t know what to do, learn how to be more productive, learn productive techniques, and take action.

Make sure to be consistent and use repetition when using those techniques.

Eventually, you will see yourself as a productive person.

2. Spending Too Much Energy

There are a lot of things out there in the world that we can spend our energy too.

Sadly, some do not benefit you at all and might hurt you more than anything.

drama, gossip, sports, and politics are some of them.

These are what the average person gets into these days.

If you want to be more productive, you have to stop putting your energy into these things.

These are literally draining your energy dry, you have to be different and stop them to be more productive.

I just found out that I spend too much of my energy on youtube and some social media platforms.

It made me lazier and I wasn’t as productive as I wanted to be.

When I was aware of this, I decided to spend less time on youtube and social media.

When you are aware of where your energy is going, it is a lot easier to stop doing them and work on stuff that you need to get done.

3. Belief Systems

There might be a good chance that you might have a belief system that tells you that you are an unproductive person.

Now, most likely than not, you didn’t do this on purpose.

You probably were unaware that you made a belief that you are unproductive.

You might say it to yourself over and over again and eventually, it became true to you.

Before you can let go of this belief that you are an unproductive person, you have to become aware of it first.

You can become aware of it by just observing your thoughts and mind.

It is way easier to do if you are meditating.

If you practice meditation already, then it would be a lot easier for you to do.

Once you observe your thoughts and go deep within yourself, you can finally become aware of the belief system.

Once you are aware of it, you can then simply let go.

4. Fear Of Failure

Linkagoals Fear Factor Index found that 31% of Americans are afraid of failure.

That is more than spiders (30%) and being home alone (9%).

So as you can see, a big chunk of people in the U.S. fears failure.

Fear of failure can make you an unproductive person as well.

Though do you want to learn a little secrete?

The secrete is that failure is a part of success.

I know that a lot of people might not want to hear that, but it is the truth.

If you avoid failure at all costs, then you will be super unproductive and won’t get anything done.

You will also avoid doing things that you know need to get done.

You might tell yourself that you will do it later but never do.

You keep on doing this cycle over and over again and it never gets done.

Worse of all, you will never be successful either.

5. Making Excuses

You will have to spend less time on some things and will have to spend more time on the things that you need to get done.

Making excuses like ¨I just don´t have the time” and ¨I do not know how” will make you an unproductive person.

You will have to stop making excuses to be more productive.

Do you want to know a little secrete?

Rarely everybody knows exactly how to do something.

Not knowing everything that you have to do and making it an excuse will make you procrastinate on taking action.

All you need to know is what the next step is.

When you know the next step, take action on accomplishing the next task that you have to do.

Do you want to know another thing?

We all have 24 hours in a single day.

Nobody has more, nobody has less.

The productive people spend more time on getting things they need to get done instead of watching tv.

So, if you want to be productive, you have to spend more time on the things that you need to get done.

6. Distractions

In 2002, it was reported that we experience an interruption every eight minutes.

It is about 60 interruptions in an eight hour day.

That is a lot of interruptions, there might be even more now that technology has advanced since then.

As you might know, there is a lot of distractions in today’s world.

Though I think that you probably already know this.

You can get distracted by a lot of things.

You can get distracted by your phone, television, videogames, and a lot more.

To be more productive, you will have to be less distracted by these things.

Yes, that means not going on your phone and watching tv as much.

One thing that you can do is to set a specific time where you can do those things.

I would talk more in-depth later in the blog post.

7. Eating Unhealthy And Lack Of Exercise

You probably heard of you are what you eat.

It is very true and it also goes with how your brain and body functions overall.

If you eat crappy food, then your body and mind will be crappy.

You will feel sluggish and not motivated to get stuff done.

Though when you eat healthy food, your mind and body will feel good.

You will feel good overall and be motivated to complete the task that you wanted to do.

The lack of exercise is also another reason too.

Not exercising will result in you having little to no energy to do things.

You don even have to go to the gym to exercise.

You can just take a 30-minute walk, play a sport, or do yoga.

It doesn’t matter what exercise you do, you just have to exercise.

Exercising will help you increase your energy levels and your overall health.

Combining this with eating healthy, then you will be a productive machine.

How Do I Solve Them?

There are multiple ways you can solve your unproductive problem.

In this section, I am going to talk about seven of them

Those seven are:

  • change the way you see yourself
  • be aware and change your belief systems
  • manage your energy better
  • look at fear right in the face
  • stop making excuses
  • eat healthier
  • detox from distractions

I also have a blog post you can check out that show you more ways to be a lot more productive.

Know that you know what those seven are, let us get right into how to solve your unproductive problem.

1. Change The Way You See Yourself

The first thing you can do to be more productive is to change the way you see yourself.

Most likely, you see yourself as an unproductive person.

I know that I mentioned some things at the beginning of the article, but I will go more in detail here.

Again, you need to see yourself as a productive person.

Learn some techniques that will help you be productive.

Of course, you will need to be consistent with the techniques.

One technique that I have been using for a long time is writing down what I was going to do the next day.

This was pretty effective for a while but I noticed I was slipping a little bit.

So, I changed it a little bit and schedule my days on google calender instead of writing them down on a piece of paper.

I only recently implemented this, but I noticed I was more focused and got more what I want to be done.

So I would recommend doing this technique.

2. Be Aware And Change Your Belief Systems

Become aware of your beliefs about your being an unproductive person.

One of the easiest ways to become aware of your beliefs is through meditation.

There are a bunch of meditations out there that help you become aware of and changing your beliefs.

Here is one that I highly recommend you check out.

When you are in meditation, observe your thoughts.

Don´t get tangled in your thoughts because you will be distracted the whole time.

Now, go deep within yourself and ask these set of questions, what do I believe to be true when I am unproductive? Why do I believe this? When did I start believing this?

Whatever comes up for you, whether it is a memory, feeling, or emotion, let it come up and express itself.

Understand that this belief has helped you get where you are now, be grateful that it served you, but know you have to let it go.

Let go of the belief that you are unproductive and incorporate a new belief that you are productive.

If you feel that the belief comes up again, simply acknowledge that it is there, and continue whatever you are doing.

3. Manage Your Energy Better

The third thing you can do to become more productive is to manage your energy better.

Before you can start managing your energy, you have to know what is draining your energy the most.

Is it going on social media constantly? Watching television too much?

Be aware of what is draining you, and once you become aware of it, take action and manage your energy.

This might even mean not doing the activity anymore.

Another thing you can do is to just cut the amount of time you are spending time on social media or tv.

You must find something that will help you increase your energy levels when you notice that you are tired.

This could be taking a power nap for about 30 minutes, doing absolutely nothing, or meditating.

If you are taking a power nap, you should try listening to binaural beats.

Some are specific for power naps.

Listening to one will help you feel more energized when you wake up.

4. Look At Fear Right In The Face

Yes, the fourth thing you might have to do to be more productive is looking at fear right in the face.

Sometimes, you have to just have to look at fear right in the face and face it.

Really if you think about it, it is the only way to get rid of fear.

It will feel scary and a little bit intimidating to do, but sometimes it is the only way to get rid of fear.

When you are facing fear, ask yourself a couple of questions.

Ask, ¨why do I have this fear? What is this fear? What will happen if I do not overcome it? what will happen if I do overcome it?
Pretty soon, you will find the answers that you were seeking.

It might not come up right away, but they will.

You might realize after you face it that the fear was nonsense and didn´t make any sense at all.

Remember, what fear means is false evidence appearing real.

5. Stop Making Excuses

You will have to stop making excuses to be more productive.

There are multiple ways in which you can stop making excuses.

The first way is to take responsibility for your own life.

When you start doing this, you will be able to focus and take action on things that you know you need to do.

You take control of your life once you accept responsibility.

The second way is to expect challenges.

Being productive daily can be a little challenging.

Making excuses on how hard it is and that you don have enough energy will get you nowhere and might have a negative effect on your life.

So instead of making constant excuses of how difficult something is, expect and accept that there will be challenges that will show up once in a while.

Once you do that, you will be able to overcome challenges and be more productive.

6. Eat Healthier

I bet you heard the saying you are what you eat?

Well, it is a very popular saying and it very true.

If you eat a lot of junk food, then you will feel like junk, but if you eat healthily, then you will feel healthy and good.

But do you want to know something that I found out recently?

Well, when you eat a bunch of junk food or a lot of complicated food before you do some work, you will feel lethargic.

You will feel like doing nothing and have a very hard time being focused and getting stuff done.

What I found to combat this is that you either eat nothing at all until you got the thing done, or you eat something simple like a banana or an apple for example.

If you find yourself eating junk food all the time and eating lots of it before doing stuff you need to get done, eat healthier and eat simple foods before working on something.

7. Detox From Distractions

The last way you can become more productive is detoxing from distractions

We get distracted by a lot of things daily.

So it is a good thing to take a break and detox from distractions for a little bit.

What you need to do is to take time off from about everything that distracts you.

That would mean your phone, television, computer, game console, pc, and any other thing that makes you distracted

I would recommend going on a 24-hour detox if you can.

You can still do a bunch of things when you are on the 24-hour distraction detox.

You can just chill on the couch and have a nice sip of tea, relax in a bath, meditate, yoga, exercise, or something else.

You might realize and be surprised by how much you get distracted daily.

Mabe, you discover something about yourself that you find interesting.


Those are the secretes why you are unproductive and how to solve them.

If you have a problem being productive, then I recommend that you find out why you are unproductive.

If you want to learn more about how to be productive, then check out my article on the best ways to be more productive.

If one of the things that I mentioned in this blog post has helped you figure out why then take action and solve it.

That is all I have for this article, make sure to comment if you have any questions or you want to share something related to productivity.

I hope that you enjoy it and I also hope that you have a wonderful day today.


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