7 Ways To Not Be Frustrated All The Time

Are you trying to find different ways to not be frustrated all the time?

Have you ever ask yourself, “why do I feel frustrated all the time?”

We can be very frustrated at something or someone, whether it’s from something that happened at work, something that didn’t plan out the way you want it to be, or something that a person did.

When your frustrated, it feels like the whole world is against you and you can’t take control of the situation.

There are a couple of things that you can do that will allow you to stop being frustrated.

The things that you can do to feel less frustrated (which I will talk about in more detail later in this article) is to calm your mind, Identify the reason why you are frustrated, letting go of frustration, having multiple solutions to it, doing something else, be or stay positive, and taking action.

Now I will talk in more detail on how you can feel less frustrated.

1. Calm Your Mind

Your mind is most likely spinning out of control when you are frustrated.

Because you are frustrated, you’re not looking at the situation that is in front of you.

When you calm your mind either by breathing or meditating, you can calm yourself and see the situation in a more neutral perception, and you will diminish the effects of the stress.

I would recommend that you meditate or you do some time of breathing exercise for about 5 minutes.

If you did and you still feel like your mind is all over the place, then try again or find something else that will help you calm your mind.

You can also get to the source of why you are feeling frustrated.

Sure, meditation and some breathing techniques might work at the moment, but sometime after you will start the frustration cycle all over again.

To get to the source, you need to go deep within yourself.

Meditation is the best tool to use when going deep within yourself.

When you do go deep, ask yourself a couple of questions.

Ask, “why do I feel frustrated?” “What do I think is true that causes me to feel frustrated?”

“What beliefs do I have around frustration?” “Do I see myself as a person that is frustrated all the time?”

Listen and pay attention to what comes up.

If it is something that happened in the past, then feel okay for what happened and let it go.

Remember, nobody knows you more than you.

So do something that you know will help you go deep within yourself and let go of frustration.

I also wanted to add that I found an article at tinybuddha.com.

The article helps you learn more about how to stay calm in frustrating situations.

2. Identify Why You Are Frustrated

Another important thing to do when you are frustrated is to figure out the reason why you are frustrated.

Is it because you are trying to control something? When you Identify the reason why you are frustrated, you might notice that your frustration might have been stress that has been building up over the day or week.

When you identify it, then it can be a little easier to let go of the stress/frustration that has built up.

You don’t want to hold on to it for a long period of time because when you do, it will build up even more and you will feel frustrated most of the time.

eventually, you will “blow up” and it will not be pretty.

So It is very important to let it go of the build-up stress/frustration before you “blow up”.

3. let Go Of Frustration

Letting go is one of the simplistic things to do but is also difficult for most people.

All you have to do is simply letting go of trying to control the situation that you are frustrated at.

When you let go of trying to control the situation, you will flow more with life and things will become much easier.

If you have a hard time letting go then imagine that the situation that is making you frustrated is a hot coal that you are holding in your hands.

Imagine dropping the hot coal, then you would let go of your frustration like that, it can be as simple as that.

I use the hot coal analogy a lot to let go of frustration and to let go of other things.

It has helped me a lot to feel more at peace and to feel less frustrated.

4. Have Multiple Solutions

You always have options even if it seems like you don’t.

Tell yourself that you need to brainstorm at least 5 options for the situation that you are dealing with.

Just having options will help you decrease your stress and frustration.

You can write those 5 down, or you can just repeat those five in your head or out loud.

just make sure that you say those 5 options.

You won’t feel like you are trapped or that you don’t have many options.

Out of the things that you came up with, choose the best possible solution and execute that solution.

5. Do Something Else

Do something that takes your mind off of the situation that is making your frustrated like reading a book, take a bath, or doing one of your favorite hobbies, whatever takes your mind off of the situation.

I like to play basketball whenever I’m feeling frustrated with something, I find that when I get back with what I was frustrated at, I see the solution to it and get it done.

It also is a good source of exercise too.

When you are doing this, you will be distracted by doing something else and you won’t be thinking about or focusing on the situation that you were frustrated at.

6. Be Or Stay Positive

Things and situations are most likely not as bad as they appear.

Things may seem a lot worse than it is because we might feel mentally drained or tired of something.

Take a quick break and do something that you generally enjoy, whether that is playing sports, exercising, walking, or hiking.

A positive mind can figure out solutions and a negative mind complains and creates more problems.

the negative mind thinks the situation is hopeless and that there is no other way to deal with it.

A very closed mind can not come up with very many solutions, so stay positive.

It might take some time to train your brain to think of the positives if you always had a negative mind.

I know this from personal experience.

I used to have a very negative mind. I would almost always think of what would go wrong in a situation and I would not do certain things because I felt like I wasn’t worthy.

When I decided to think more positively, I had to work on that for quite a while because of the negative mindset I had.

Now, I have more of a positive mindset.

7. Take Action

When you are very frustrated with something, you tend to not want to work on it or deal with it anymore.

Anything that will get you out of the situation that you are currently in seems a lot better than figuring or working it out. At this point, procrastination might kick into gear.

If you keep going, you might get past on the temporary roadblock that you were in.

Another thing you can do when you are frustrated with something is to ask for help.

When you ask for help, the other person can help you with whatever is making you frustrated and when they helped, you don’t feel that frustrated anymore because someone helped you with the situation that you were in.


We can be very frustrated at times.

Sometimes it’s something that happened at work, something that someone did, or a situation that is making us stuck.

If you do any of the things that were mentioned on the list, then you will be less frustrated and can flow through life much easier than before.

If you want to share your experiences with frustration and how you overcome it or you have a question, then comment below.

I will try to reply to you as soon as possible.

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