January 26, 2020
8 Core Reasons Why Taking Action On Your Dreams Is Hard

8 Core Reasons Why Taking Action On Your Dreams Is Hard

Do you have trouble taking action on your dreams? Are you wondering why taking action on your dreams is hard?

We all have a dream that we want to be a reality but when we take the action to do so we can find it hard and sometimes we give up on it because of how hard it is.

I know that it can be very hard on taking action on our dreams because I took some action a while back on making a website and blogging because I wanted to express myself, wanted to help people, I wanted to make money online, and I wanted to work wherever I want and that was my dream.

Needless to say, it was very hard for me to take action because I didn’t know what to do, and I wasn’t really very self-disciplined.

If you are questioning why is it hard to take action on your dreams? Well, I will answer that for you real quick.

It is hard to take action on our dreams because we self sabotage ourselves, have limiting beliefs about taking action on our dreams, don’t know what action to take we tell ourselves a story that is holding us back, fear, having no plan at all,  not holding ourselves accountable, and not taking any risk.

Now that I answered the question let us dive a little deeper shall we?

Alright, let us get right into it.

1. Self Sabotage

One of the core reasons of why taking action on your dreams is hard because you are self-sabotaging yourself.

Self-sabotage is really the subconscious mind defending you but you have to stop self-sabotaging yourself to take action on your dreams.

What you can do to stop self-sabotaging yourself is to understand why you self sabotage, recognize the self-sabotage habits, identify the root cause, self reflect, and then change the pattern of behavior.

After you do those things, then you will be able to take action on your dreams without that much problem.

2. Limiting Beliefs

We all have or had limiting beliefs about what we can do and what we can accomplish.

Maybe it is hard for you to take action on your dreams because you might have a limiting belief that you are not worthy of living your dream life or that you believe that it is really difficult to live your dream life or maybe something else entirely.

First, realize what limiting belief you have about taking action on your dream or living your dream life.

You can just look at where you are now and that can give you a little hint of what your limiting beliefs are.

Or you can meditate on it as well.

3. Don’t Know What Action To Take


Sometimes it is hard to take action on our dreams because we don’t simply know what action to take.

You want to know what action to take first so you can go right ahead and work on achieving your dream.

I would recommend to do some research and to really think about the first step that you have to take to get closer to that dream.

Let’s just say that you want to be a blogger and you don’t know what the first step you need to take.

Is it getting a course on how to do it? Do I make a website first?

If you are going to be a blogger, the first step is to make your website.

I would say that you don’t need a course because thee are plenty of free videos out there that shows you how to blog.

So the first action you would take to get started is to make your website.

Once you figure out what that next step is or know what action to take, then go ahead and take action on it.

4. The Stories That You Tell Yourself Is Holding You Back

We all have stories that we tell ourselves whether they are positive or not.

Maybe you have a story that it is very hard to achieve your dreams or it is very hard to live your dream or maybe you have a story where you think you don’t deserve to live your dream life.

First, recognize what story you are telling yourself that is holding you back on taking action.

You can do this by meditation or just by self-reflection.

There are not really any guided meditations out there for letting go or changing your story so you would have to guide yourself through it.

As for self-reflection, you can just grab a piece of paper or a notebook and a writing utensil and write down the stories that you tell yourself that is related to taking action or living your dream life.

Don’t think much about it whatever shows up in your mind write it down even if it is a little weird.

After you write them down, look at what you wrote down.

Make sure to not resist them because those stories served you right until now be at peace with them but also realize that you don’t need to tell those stories to yourself anymore and can let them go.

After that write down the new stories that you are going to tell yourself that is related to taking action and living your dream life.

If you want to learn more about how to let go of the old stories that you tell yourself, then check out on my blog post about it.

It is worth the read.

5. Fear

We all have something that we fear about.

Maybe that you fear what will happen if you take action on getting closer to your dreams.

What if I fail? What would people think of me? What if my family and friends don’t like me anymore?

My best advice for you is to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Do you ever hear of the saying that F.E.A.R means False Evidence Appearing Real?

Sometimes our fears are illogical and aren’t going to happen or are false.

Though I will say that you might fail at some point.

But instead of fearing failure, make failure something you learn from.

If you do then you will never fail at taking action on your dreams.

I have a blog post that is about different ways to overcome fear.

You can check it out if you want to learn more on overcoming your fears.

6. Having No Plan

We don’t take action because we have no plan of what action to take or how to make the dream a reality.

If you don’t have a plan, then make a plan on what you need to do to live your dream.

Make a plan on how many times a week or a day that you are being committed to taking action on your dream,

Make a plan on how you are taking action, and make a plan on when you are taking action on your dream.

Once you plan everything out, it will be much easier to take action because everything that you need to do is crystal clear.

7. Not Hold Yourself Accountable

You need to hold yourself accountable to stay consistent on making your dream come true.

If you don’t hold yourself accountable for taking consistent action towards your dreams then how are you going to achieve them at all?

You will have to stay motivated and be able to go through the difficult stuff that you have to do to accomplish your dreams.

Maybe you have to do more hard and difficult work then you thought to achieve your dreams.

One example is that I wanted to share, express myself and help people someway and somehow and I found that I can do it through blog posts and I can get income from doing it.

I thought that it was pretty exciting and I thought I will be able to make money from it pretty fast.

Well, reality hit me and I realize that it is more difficult than I thought.

I didn’t hold myself accountable and lost the motivation to do blog posts for a while until I accepted that It might take longer than I thought.

Now I hold myself accountable to work on my website or blogpost every single day and to be honest I enjoy it.

So just make sure that you hold yourself accountable to take action on your dreams every day and you will get there.

8. Not Taking Any Risk

We all are addicted to what we know as the comfort zone.

It is a very comfortable place to be and if we are addicted to being in this zone, then it would be much harder to take any risk or getting out of our comfort zone to achieve or take action on our dreams.

So make sure that you take more risk and that you get out of your comfort zone because your dreams are always out of your comfort zone.

I now that taking a risk might be scary and you might be scared to take a risk because we don’t know what will happen if we fail but in life, you have to take some risk to achieve what you want.

For example, I took the risk of joining Wealthy Affiliate. It was scary because I didn’t know how I was supposed to pay the monthly plan but I took the action anyways.

I have not regretted it since and I have a job now so I can pay it monthly now and it has helped me create my first website and my blog post.


We all have different reasons why it is hard to take action on our dreams.

Maybe you found that one of the things that I mentioned here is the reason or maybe all of them are the reason why.

But make sure that you find out what that reason is and resolve it.

‘Once you do taking action on your dreams will be much easier to do.

That is all I have for this blog post.

If you have any questions or want to share anything related to taking action on your dreams then make sure to comment them below and I will reply to you as soon as I can.

I hope that you enjoyed and have a wonderful day.


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