Benefits Of Planning Your Day Before

Do You Want To Know The Benefits Of Planning Your Day?

Are you thinking about planning your days out? Do you want to know the benefits of planning the day before?

Well, in this blog I show you the benefits of planning out the day before.

Before I get right into it, I want to talk about why you should plan the next day in the first place.

Why You Should Plan For The Next Day

You should plan for the next day because it helps you prepare for the obstacles that you would have to face the next day, serves as a way to evaluate your progress while you are working, and it will clearly illustrate whether or not you are getting stuff done or not.

Another benefit is that you will know what to do during the day Which as a result,  will make you feel less anxiety, procrastinate less, and you will be able to get more stuff done in a shorter amount of time.

Now, let’s get right into the blog!

1. Feel less Anxiety

I don’t know if anyone else feels this way or it’s just me but whenever I don’t plan the day, I would feel a little bit of anxiety because I don’t know what to do or what I should do first.

Then my day becomes unorganized and all over the place.

When I plan my day, I don’t feel anxiety and my day seems to be more organized.

You can also learn more about how to calm anxiety if you feel like you feel it on a daily basis.

2. Know what to do during the day

This one is obvious but it is beneficial.

I had plenty of days where I didn’t plan the day before and I didn’t know what to do during the day.

What was the result? Well, I did nothing most of the day, which is unproductive and a time-waster.

I’ve seen personally that when I know what to do during the day, I get most or all of the things that I wanted to accomplished during the day instead of just doing nothing and being lazy.

3. Get more Stuff Done In A Shorter Amount Of Time

Get more Stuff Done In A Shorter Amount Of Time

Planning the day before can also result in getting more stuff done in a shorter amount of time.

This can be a combination of just knowing what to do during the day and just doing it or being more of a flow state and not being distracted or by something that takes your focus away from what you are doing.

4. Procrastinate Less

I used to be a big procrastinator, and I still procrastinate a little bit to this day.

But I noticed that ever since I started planning out what I want to do the next day I procrastinated way less and got more stuff done.

Though I think that you can’t end procrastination with just planning out the day before, I think that you have to do some inner work to end procrastination.

If you are interested I wrote a blog just on procrastination so make sure to check it out.

5. Experience More Flow

I’ve noticed that ever since I started planning for the next day that I was experiencing more flow while I work on certain things like this blog for example.

Before, I wasn’t really in a flow state while I was working on stuff at all.

My mind would wander off a lot and I would be easily distracted by other things.

But if it wasn’t obvious enough, I know to experience more flow.

It doesn’t mean that I’m in the flow 24/7, I have days where I can’t focus at all or can’t get in with the flow of things.

But I’m grateful that it happens less frequently now.

I don’t just plan the day before to be in the flow state I also meditate which helps me calm the mind and help me focus more and be more in the flow state.


Well, that’s all I have for this blog, I hope you guys enjoyed and if you have any questions or want to share any benefits that you want to share with planning the day before then make sure to comment them below and I will reply to you as soon as I can.

I hope that you guys are having a wonderful day.


  1. Hi, Scott. Well done! Thanks for this post. This is good to have planning the day before, it helps to feel better than no plan what to do in the next day. I attempt already to write in a notebook but I always failed, and the result seems scattered and don’t feel anything good.

    • Your welcome. You can also use a calendar to plan out your day too. Maybe you should try that out and see if that works better for you. It is about being consistent with it. It might be a little difficult to make a habit of it but once you do it for a while, then it would be second nature for you.

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