Best Ways To Be More Productive In 2020

Are you trying to find out the 6 best ways to be a lot more productive in 2020?

Do you have a hard time being productive? Do you want to find ways to be more productive?

Are you interested in finding out the best ways to be a lot more productive?

I used to struggle a lot of being productive and I kind of still do to a certain extent.

Though I have been getting better at it.

I’m going to show you the best ways to be more productive in 2019 (some of them I do myself).

But before I do that, let us talk about why we are unproductive in the first place.

Why We Are Unproductive

I think that most people are unproductive from my personal experience is because of laziness.

We don’t feel like doing something productive like doing homework or cleaning the house or something else.

Instead, we sit on our butts and watch tv, youtube, or play video games.

So, I think that one of the keys to being more productive is to be less lazy.

Don’t get me wrong, it is okay to be lazy, have a break, or just chill and do nothing for part of the day.

But you shouldn’t just be lazy, do nothing and chill the whole day unless you got everything done.

Now with that being said, let us get right into it.

1. Plan The Day Before

I have been planning the day before since May of 2019 and it had made me a lot more productive.

Whenever I didn’t plan for the day before, I would feel anxiety and don’t know what to do during the day.

So I do something that is not produced as a result of watching youtube or even playing videogames.

Since doing this, I have been a lot more efficient and got a lot more stuff done.

You don’t have to make a long list of stuff you have to do the next day.

Just jot down the most important stuff that you have to do the next day.

Personally I would recommend doing the most challenging one first just so you get it over with.

2. Stop procrastinating

I had a huge problem with this in the past and I still do to a certain agree to this day.

I especially procrastinate on the things that I don’t want to do like homework or the things that are a little difficult for me to do.

The best way for me and probably everyone is to just do it anyways.

One example is that I was in woodshop in 11th grade and I needed to make a project of some sort.

I knew what I wanted to make but I was procrastinating on it for a while because I didn’t remember how to use most of the tools and I was afraid that I would mess up or something like that.

Eventually I got tired of procrastinating on it and started working on my woodshop project and I soon realized that I enjoyed woodshop.

I chose woodshop the next year because I enjoyed it a lot and I still enjoy it to this day.

So again, whenever you are aware that you are procrastinating on something, just be aware of it and do it.

3. Stop Wasting Time

We all waste so much time on social media and I’m no exception to this.

I don’t spend that much time on most social media like Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram but I waste a lot of time on Youtube.

Honestly, I probably on average go on Youtube about 2 to 4 hours a day sometimes more!

I could of spend that time with reading a book, working on a blog post, or something else that is more productive to do.

I would’ve got so much stuff done!

Now you don’t have to cut out social media completely just limit the amount of time you go on social media and do something else that is more productive.

You might notice (and will notice) that you get soo much stuff done and you can crash and watch youtube or something else when you are done with everything.

4. Manage your Energy

Knowing how to manage your energy will make you super productive.

Knowing how to manage your energy probably will change your entire life too.

You don’t know when you have the most energy?

Well, one of how you can find out when you have the most energy is to be aware of when you have the most energy during the day.

I have been doing this myself for about a month and I noticed that I have more energy in the morning and at night.

Right now I’m figuring out what I should put less energy in and what I should put more energy in.

5. Focus On One Goal At A Time

Sometimes when we have too many goals that we want to achieve in a certain time of day, we might get overwhelmed with all of the things that we want to achieve and not do any of them at all.

The cure for that is to focus on one goal at a time.

I was and kind of still am to a certain degree focused on a lot of goals and never really achieved them.

Once I started focusing on one goal at a time, I was able to achieve it easier and be more productive during the day.

6. Find Your Best Productive Time

We all have a certain time a day that we are the most productive.

For me, it’s in the morning and at night usually around 9:00 pm.

Do you know when you are the most productive? Is It in the morning? Is it in the afternoon? Is it at night?

Find out when you are the most productive.

You might be asking, “Well, how do I find out when I am the most productive?”

Well, my answer to that is to focus on your daily patterns and your energy and focus levels.

Once you find out, then you will be able to get more stuff done during the day.


That’s all I have for this blog post.

I hope you guys enjoy it and make sure to ask any questions or share your opinions or experiences on being productive in the comments below.

Hope you guys have a good day today,



  1. I use a daily planner for scheduling daily task. I also schedule how long each task should take, not doing any task longer than 30 minutes at a time. This helps getting more tasks done and not spending too much time on one task, like social channels.
    I also use a timmer for keeping me on a schedule, setting it for 30 minutes and when it goes off, I go to the next task.
    Do you think planning times for task is also an important factor in being more productive?

    • Thanks for commenting and Yes, I would say that planning times for tasks is also important to factor in being more productive. I never tried this and thanks to you I might give it a try.

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