Different Ways To be More Present In The Moment

Do You Find It Hard To Be More Present In The Moment?

Most people find it hard to be present in the moment because they are focusing on what might happen in the future and what had happened in the past.

though it is not bad to think of what happened in the past to learn our mistakes and to think of what the future will look like for a little.

But it is a problem if we think of the past and the future too much especially if it is causing us to feel angry, resentful, or worried.

So in this blog post, you will learn different ways to be more present at the moment.


Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective, this is the case with this one.

If you want to be more present at the moment, just simply focus on your breathing.

One breathing technique that is perfect for this is called mindful breathing.

You do it by

  • finding a relaxed comfortable position, sit on a couch, a chair, or a floor. You can even lay down if you want too if that makes you comfortable.
  • relaxing your body and release any tension from your body.
  • focus on your breath.
  • When thoughts come up, simply ignore and focus pearly on your breath for about 5 minutes. If you get caught up in your thoughts, make sure to notice this and go back on focusing purely on the breath.
  • Be aware of your whole body.

I would recommend that you do this practice for about 15 minutes and once a day.

After you do this practice, you will notice that you are more present at the moment.


I know that I mention something about meditation in most of my blogs.

But meditation is life-changing and I have to mention it in this one too.

One of the points of meditating in the first place is that it clears your mind and you feel more at peace with yourself.

After you meditate, you will notice that you will feel more present at the moment than you did before you meditated.

You have to make it a habit to meditate though if you want to be present at the moment almost every single day.

I would recommend starting meditating for about 5 to 10 minutes in the morning every single day.

Over time, you will notice that you are more present in the moment more of the time than before.

Observe Your Thoughts

One of the big reasons why you are not being present in the moment is you are interacting with your thoughts a lot.

Now, I am not saying that interacting with thoughts is a bad thing, but if you do it on autopilot and especially if you are indulging in negative thoughts a lot, Then it is time to get out of that.

One simple way of doing that is to just simply practice observe your thoughts.

I know that it sounds simple and it is, but just because something is simple does not mean it isn’t hard.

It will defiantly take time and practice to observe your thoughts, especially if you used to interact with thoughts all the time which everybody does at some point.

But once you put in the practice of observing your thoughts, you will notice that you are present at the moment.

Stop Worrying About Things

Worrying about the things that might happen in the future or worrying about things of what happened in the past will defiantly make you not present in the moment.

Not only will you not be in the present moment but you will also feel anxiety and maybe some other emotions that don’t feel good.

So to be more in the present moment in this situation, just stop worrying so much about things.

You can stop worrying by writing them down, meditation, accepting it, and other methods that will help you with stopping you worry about things.

Forgive Others That May have Hurt You

Sometimes we hold grudges or resent someone who hurt us in the past.

This is not what you want to do.

You hurt yourself more by doing this.

I know this from personal experience, I used to hold a grudge and resentment towards my old friends because they made fun of me and talked bad behind my back because I liked someone younger than me.

I hold that grudge for about almost a month when I finally realized that the grudge was eating away at me and that I wasn’t being that present because I was thinking of what they did.

So I decided to forgive them for what they did and I instantly felt better.

I also was more present in the moment than I had before.

So if you are holding a grudge, forgive them.

It is a lot easier to do that than to hold on to it.

Love What You Do

Doing something that you hate will make you not be present at all.

For example, let’s just say that you work at a job that you hate and you only have the weekends off.

Almost every day, you look forward to the weekends.

So let’s do some math here.

You work at a job you hate for about 5 days and you only have weekends off which is 2 days.

So you do something that you hate for about 71% of the time and you most likely think about that you can’t wait for the weekend to come.

So how would you be more present in the moment when you think of the future all the time?

Well, the solution is to do something that you love to do whether it is painting, basketball, making YouTube videos, or something else that you love to do.

You may notice that you are more present when you do the stuff that you love to do.

In this day in age, you can pretty much make a living from what you love to do or what you are passionate about.


So my challenge for you today is to

  • Make it a habit to practice mindful breathing or meditation
  • Stop worrying about stuff
  • Forgive people that may have hurt you in the past
  • Do something that you love to do


If you have any questions or you want to share anything about being more present in the moment, then feel free to comment them below.

I will try my best to reply to you as soon as I can.

I hope that you guys find this article valuable to you.

And I hope that you guys are having a wonderful day.

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