How To Change The Story You Tell Yourself

Do you struggle with changing your story? Are you trying to figure out how to change the story you tell yourself?

We all tell a story about ourselves, whether they are positive or negative.

In the end, they are just stories and they are not even true sometimes.

Some of us really struggle with letting go of our old stories because of how familiar they are and we are afraid of doing something a little unknown to us.

Though just being aware of our stories can be enough to change it.

If you have not figured it out yet our stories are a direct reflection of how you are in life.

In this blog post, I am going to show you how to change the story you tell yourself.

But first, I want to answer the question of how you do it first.

You change your story by first being aware of your story, let go of the old story, shift to the story that you want, take some action based on the new story, and be consistent to the new story.

I will, of course, go in more detail in the blog but that is basically what you have to do.

Now that I answered the question, let us begin.

Be Aware Of Your Story

You can’t change the story if you have not been aware of the story that you are currently telling yourself.

Meditation will be one of the easiest ways to figure out what story you tell yourself.

There are a whole bunch of guided meditations out there on youtube about being aware of your story.

Though even paying attention to your thoughts might even give it away.

You can be aware of your thoughts by meditating also and practicing what is called mindfulness.

I figured out that thoughts can reveal the story you tell yourself when a thought pops up in my head. The thought was facing off with the girl I previously liked in a lightsaber duel and the duel of the fates was playing.

I was portraying myself as Anikan Skywalker in the thought as well.

That got me to realize that I told myself a story that I was a tragic hero and I needed to get revenge somehow.

I, of course, changed the story right away.

Shift To The Story You Want

Now that you are aware of the story that you tell yourself, identify and shift to the story that you want.

I would recommend that you write it down on a notebook paper.

Write down on the notebook paper the story that you want to tell yourself, for example, I am always abundant with money or I am a very efficient person.

Now write down the certain story or stories that you tell yourself.

This will make you more aware of what you need to shift yourself to the story that you want.

After you do all that, then simply decide that the new story is the story that you will tell yourself for now on and full hardly believe in.

Make sure that the new story is believable because if it isn’t then it will be a lot harder to shift into the new story.

Let Go Of The Old Story

To shift to the new story you want, you would have to let go of the old story that you tell yourself.

All you have to do is decide that the old story doesn’t serve you anymore.

Like I said in the first one, there are a bunch of guided meditations that you can try out that will help you let go of your old story.

It might be a little scary letting go of the old story because you are so comfortable and used to how things are and might fear the unknown and the new.

Though to grow and tell a new story, you need to complete or end the old story.

Take Action

After that you put in a new story in place, take some action.

If you don’t take action based on your new story then you will go back to telling yourself the old stories.

This action can really be anything.

For example, let us say that my old story is that I am very shy and don’t talk to people and I changed that story into that I am talkative and enjoy talking to people.

I then decide don’t take any action, because of that I will eventually go back to the old story and be shy again.

It is also easier to take action on things that you have never done before since you changed the story you tell yourself.

And there might be some times where you fall into old patterns and that is okay.

Just be aware that you are in your old pattern and keep taking action based on the new story.

Be Consistent To The New Story

There might be times where you might trail off to the old story or stories you tell yourself.

You must stay consistent with the new story because of it.

I know that it might very very tempting to go back in the old because it is more comfortable and you have been telling yourself the same story for a very long time so it might linger for a little bit because of it.

The best way I would say is to be consistent with the new story without doing or falling to the old story is to be aware of when your old story comes up to acknowledge it, and let it be there.

If you give it any reaction to it at all then you will put energy into it.

Letting the old story be there is one of the fastest ways that it will disappear and it won’t come up anymore.

Be Patient

You would have to be very patient because It won’t come or happen right away or overnight.

It might take some time for the new story to really take in some effect.

Make sure to not beat yourself up if it doesn’t happen as soon as you want it to.

Just make small steps towards it and you will eventually get there.

I know that it can be hard to be patient sometimes and I am no exception to this.

I used to struggle with being patient with getting something that I wanted.

But now I have improved but still, get impatient sometimes.

If you get impatient, then it will be much harder and the thing that you want will be slower to come.

So make sure you be patient.

Something That Might Help You

There certain things or practices that you can do that can really help you get clear of the story that you are telling yourself and what new story to tell yourself instead.

And those are meditation, writing your current stories on a piece of paper and write the story that you want on another piece of paper, and the change your story change your life book.

Now that I went over what will help you let go of the old story and bring in a new one let us get into more detail about those three.


Meditation is a great way to be aware of the old story you tell yourself, let it go, and bring in a new one.

I know that I mentioned meditation at least twice in this blog post but I can not stress enough the benefits that it has.

There are a whole lot of meditations out there that you can try out for letting go.

Sadly, I have not found any meditations that are specifically on letting go of your old story.

So if you want to do it without a guided meditation, then go where you are comfortable and where it is quite.

Maybe put on some binaural beats in the background if you want but if you don’t want to then that is fine.

Make sure that you breathe in and out and as you breathe feel that you are relaxing more and more.

As you go deeper into the meditation, ask yourself what the old stories that you tell yourself are and be aware of what that is.

Once you are aware of what it is, then see why you had that story and realize that it has served you for a period of time but now it doesn’t.

Now you can begin to let go of the old story and after you do begin to pay attention to the new story you want to tell yourself.

Feel that the new story is true for you and after you have done your meditation take action based on the new story.

Writing It On A Piece Of Paper

Get yourself a piece of paper and write down the story you tell yourself on one side of the paper and your new story on the other side of the paper.

You can also write it down on one paper and the other on the next whatever suits you best is fine.

First, write down all of the stories that you currently tell yourself.

Whatever comes into your mind while you do this write it down, even if it seems a little goofy.

After you feel like you are done with writing down all of the stories you tell yourself, look and read of what you wrote down.

Now depending on you, you might be surprised at what you wrote down.

After you have seen what you wrote down on the currently tell yourself a side of the paper, now you can write down the new story that you are going to tell yourself for now on. Make it the opposite of the story that you currently tell yourself if you want to change it.

If you don’t want to change it then that is fine.

Now reflect on both sides of the paper and be aware of what action you need to take to make the new stories true.

Once you figure that out, you can now take the actions necessary to make them true.

Change Your Story Change Your Life

I highly recommend this book if you want to change your story.

The book is about 224 pages long and it is really about stories.

Our stories that we live, the stories that we take in as truth, and stories that determine our being.

It gives theories, stories, and ways in which we can rewrite the stories that we tell ourselves.

It is pretty easy to read, I would recommend that you do the exercises in this book and take it slow as you will have the most benefit if you do.

If you are interested in wanting to explore and change the self, changing your story, changing your life, and you are willing to do the work to do that, then I highly recommend that you get this book.

You can get the book here.


Just being aware of the story that you tell yourself will allow you to let it go.

But you would, of course, have to be consistent with the new story that you tell yourself or else you fall right back to your old story and will have to start over.

Being patient is key as well, if you are very impatient then it will be harder to get the thing that you want.

So make sure that you follow all the steps and if you do then you will be able to let go of the story you tell yourself.

That is all I have for this blog post, make sure that if you have any questions or want to talk about something related to changing your story than feel free to comment them below and I will reply to you as soon as I can.

I hope that you are having a wonderful day,



  1. This is one of the best post that Ive read thus far. It’s right upmy alley and falls right in line with what I study. Meditation is becoming more and more popular as people are desiring change from their old life.

    I try to be mindful and monitor my thought but sometimes life gets too hectic and I forget. But when it calms down I eventually get back on the horse. I leave myself notes around the house as reminders to think a certain way so that I dont fall back in line with my old thinking.

    I like the title of the book and will have to download a sample to read a few pages. It definitely sounds like a pool that I’d purchase. Thanks for the life changing article!!

    • You are very welcomed. I never heard of leaving notes around the house as reminders to think a certain way. I will have to use that sometime. I too try to monitor my thoughts the best I can but life can get hectic at times for me especially that I go to school during the week, work on the weekends, and work on my blog and website just about every day.

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