How To Manage Your Energy Not Your Time

Do you have a hard time managing your energy? Do you want to know why you should manage your energy instead of your time?

Do you want to know how to manage your energy, not your time?

I used to have a very difficult time managing my energy. Heck, I’m still in the process of managing my energy but the tips and what I used that I will be talking about in a minute helped me manage my energy better than I used to.

before we go into it, let us talk about why you should manage your energy instead of your time.

Why Manage Your Energy Instead Of Time?

Managing your time is a waste of time (ha get it) because time is a finite resource, meaning that we have a limit amount of time during the day. Though with energy, there is an unlimited amount of energy.

When you waste about 5 hours of your time, you will never get that 5 hours back. but when you spent your energy on something that doesn’t do anything for you and you feel drained, then you can do some type of ritual or just take a break for about 10 to 30 minutes and have your energy back up and start doing work.

So now that I explained why we manage our energy instead of our time, let us get right into it!

1. Understand What Drains Your Energy

The first one that I’m going to talk about here is to understand what drains your energy. If you don’t know what drains your energy, then it will be impossible to be able to manage your energy.

You can understand what drains your energy by observing your energy levels through the activities or the people that you hang out with during the day.

For example, when I was observing my energy, I noticed that my energy was draining when I was hanging around people that I have been friends with for around 10 to 6 years.

I realized that they were draining me, it was hard for me to cut them out from my life because I have been friends with them for a long time but I realized that people change, and you need to cut people off sometimes.

So after about 6 months of procrastinating on it, I finally did it. Right after I decided to cut them off from my life. I instantly felt like I had a lot of energy, it felt great.

You can also learn some habits that might be draining you if you possibly do any of them.

2. Understand What Lifts Your Energy

How To Have More positive Energy In Your Life

There can be anything that lifts your energy, whether it’s walking or jogging, playing your favorite sport like basketball, volleyball, etc, or making music, and so much more. I find that what lifts your energy the most is doing what you are passionate about. When we do what we are passionate about, We are in more a flow state easier and our energy levels are a lot higher too most of the time.

By understanding what lifts your energy, you will be able to do more of what lifts your energy and I guarantee you will feel amazing when you do.

YOu might be wondering why it’s so important, well if we didn’t know what brings our energy up, then how in the world would we bring our energy up or keep from our energy to go very low all the time?

For me, I realize that playing basketball and rather recently sharing stuff like this to you bring my energy way up. So now that I know what brings my energy up, I do more of those things and I feel good and am in a flow state most of the time because of it.

3. Observe Your Energy levels Throughout The Day

I mentioned this in one of my other blogs called how to know your best productive time. It is soo important to observe your energy levels throughout the day because if you don’t, then how will you ever know what’s been draining your energy? How would you know what brings your energy up?

I have been observing my energy levels for a long time and I noticed that my energy gets drained whenever I take a hot shower, now I don’t feel like my energy is drained when I take a hot shower for a short period of time but when I’m in the shower for t least 15 minutes, then I feel like my energy is draining and I feel tired sometimes too which Is weird.

So what I do know is that I take a hot shower, and when I feel like my energy is being drained then I quickly change it to cold so my energy can spike up again.

I know it’s rather weird, but hey it works. If I have not observed my energy levels, then I wouldn’t have known that hot showers for a long time were draining me.

4. Plan Your Day According To Your Energy Levels

Once you observe and know your energy levels throughout the day. Plan your day according to your energy levels.

For example, if you find that your energy levels are higher in the morning than plan on doing more stuff during the morning. or if your energy levels are higher in the nighttime, then plan on doing more stuff during the morning.

I would also recommend planning out your day beforehand so you know exactly what you will do the next day. the benefit of this is that you won’t have to figure out what you will do during the day, and you will feel less anxiety in the morning. I plan my day out beforehand and I noticed that I get so much work done during the day.

5. Optimize your Energy Levels

Sometimes you need to optimize your energy levels during the day. You might need more energy late during the day than earlier in the day so you would have to optimize your energy so you will have the energy to accomplish what you needed to do and not get drained by it.

Also, you might be focusing on something that is draining your energy and is not focusing on something that can lift your energy or raise your energy levels.

One example of this is focusing on what you have to accomplish during the day instead of focusing on what you need to accomplish ion the moment. So you would have to optimize your focus and energy to what you need to do now instead of what you need to do throughout the day.

6. Follow The 50-10-50-30 Rule


I found out this rule pretty recently, I was on youtube and I found a youtube video that talked about the 50-10-50-30 rule.

What the rule is is that you work for about 50 minutes and then you get a 10-minute break. After your 10 minute break, you work for another 50 minutes. After that, you take a 30-minute break. It repeats itself after that.

Now, the video explains that when you are on your 10-minute break or on your 30-minute break that you do nothing. You can’t check your phone, watch something on youtube for a little bit, or play videogames, you will have to literally, do nothing on your break.

Now when I tried this for myself, I realized that sitting there and doing nothing for the 10 minute and 30-minute break was rather a little difficult. The 10-minute break wasn’t that difficult, but when I was on the 30-minute break, I was very tempted to go on my phone for most of the 30-minute break. luckily I didn’t and I continued to work after my break.

now, it wasn’t difficult for me because I meditate on average around 10 minutes per day. It might be more difficult for you especially if you don’t practice meditation but trust me it’s a game-changer. And the more you do it, the easier it will get.


That’s all I have for this blog, If you have any questions or you want to share something related to managing your energy not your time then feel free to comment them below, I would really appreciate it and I will, of course, reply to you as soon as I can.

I hope that you guys are having a great day today.


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