January 26, 2020
How To Overcome the Fear Of Public Speaking And Be A Beast!

How To Overcome The Fear Of Public Speaking And Become A Beast!!

Are You Afraid Of Public Speaking?

If you are afraid of public speakings, then you are not alone.

Around 7% of Americans suffer from the fear of Public Speaking including myself.

usually when you go up to do a public speech of some sort.

The fear kicks in and you begin to worry about forgetting your lines, messing up somehow, or what other people think about your presentation.

The good news is that you don’t have to eliminate your fear to be a good public speaker, you just have to make the fear of public speaking less than it is currently.

In this blog, I’m going to tell you how to overcome the fear of public speaking and becoming a beast.

1. Practice Your Speach

One of the reasons why you are afraid of public speakings is because you didn’t prepare yourself beforehand.

It is a very good idea to practice your speech either to a family member, a friend or even to yourself in front of a mirror.

It is very important that you just don’t practice it once or three times, practice it for eight or nine times or when your memorize the speech so much that you can confidently say your whole speech.

One of the ways I did this is I write out my speech on a notecard or multiple note cards, and repeat my speech until I could memorize it by heart.

Once I had to speak about my subject, I wasn’t really afraid because I prepared myself beforehand.

2. Know That Your Not The Only One

This might be a weird one but it does truly help.

When you see that you are not the only one that is afraid of public speakings, then you might not be as scared as much as before because you know that you are not the only person that is afraid of public speaking.

I know this for personal experience.

In 11th grade, we had to do a presentation about where we want to travel in the world, how to get them, the cost, and the places that we wanted to visit while your there.

I was very nervous and afraid of the day I had to present.

I looked around the classroom and noticed that there where other people were nervous and afraid of going up there and speaking about their presentation.

Most of my fear and nervousness went away and when it was my turn to present, I wasn’t as afraid as I was before.

3. Be Authentic

There is nothing wrong with being scared or nervous before going up to do a public speech.

A lot of people fear public speaking because they fear of what other people think or are afraid of people’s reactions when you mess up during your speech.

Don’t try to act like someone else when you are up to their speaking and just act like your authentic self.

When you do, you might feel more flexible, genuine, or spontaneous.

You might even find it easier to deal with situations that you were afraid to deal with before like messing up during your speech or someone asking a difficult question.

If you don’t know your authentic style of speech, then pick a topic that you are passionate about and discuss that topic as you would to somebody that you know.

Though being comfortable enough to be your authentic self in front of a lot of people that you don’t know will take some time and practice.

Once you do, public speaking will be not as scary as before.

4. Be Present

When you are doing a public speech and the usual fears of messing up and what other people think is running in your head during it, you are not being present in the moment and probably paying more attention to your fears and rushing your speech than actually paying attention to your speech.

One of the things you can do to be more present is to breathe before and or during your speech.

When you do this, you will feel a little calmer and able to do your speech without so much fear running through your head.

It is okay to take a couple of seconds to breath, it’s also good to have a couple of seconds of silence while you are doing public speaking as well.

Your brain might tell you to not take a couple of seconds of silence to breathe but it’s important to not listen to it and understanding that’s it is okay to take a couple of seconds of silence.

5. It’s Not About You

Sometimes when people are doing a presentation of some sort, they think that each person in the audience is studying their every move, gesture, voice, and so on.

Remind yourself before or when you are about to do a presentation or are publicly going to do a speech of some sort that the audience isn’t focused on your every move, gesture, and voice.

Understand as well that what you think the other people are thinking of is only a perception.

They probably don’t care if you mess up in the middle of your speech or the way that you are moving, or speakings, and so on.

When you truly understand that it’s not about you and your change your perception, then public speaking will be so much easier.


A lot of people are afraid of Public Speaking, but it isn’t impossible to deal with or to overcome this fear.

Remember that some professional public speakers used to have a fear of public speaking as well at one point and they learned how to overcome it.

if they have overcome that fear then you can too.

If you implement any of the things that I talked about in this blog, then you will become a public speaker beast!!

If you want to share your experiences with a public speaking or how you overcome it, then feel free to comment below.


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