How To Release All Of Your Stuck Emotions and Blocks

Do you have stuck emotions that need to be released? Are you wondering how to release all of your stuck emotions and blocks?

how to release Are you wondering how to release stuck emotions, emotional blockages, and baggage that you may have stored in your body?

We all have some stuck emotions or emotional baggage inside that we might not realize we do or we don’t know how to let go of the emotional baggage or blocks that is within us.

I have trouble releasing some of my stuck emotions myself and I have been letting go of some stuck emotions and I am getting better and it and I feel like that I can share what I know and experienced when letting go of emotional blockages and stuck emotions.

I am going over how to release all your stuck emotions, they are being more aware of conscious of them, locate where your emotions are in the body, take in deep breathes, let yourself feel the emotion, allow the emotion to be there, and let it out.

If you are asking how to release tour stuck emotions then I will give you an answer.

It is really about being aware of the emotion, allowing yourself to feel it, let the emotion be there, and let the emotion out.

But of course, I am going into more detail in this article.

Now that I answered your question, let us get right into it.

Be Aware Or Conscious Of Them

You would, of course, would have to be aware or conscious of what emotions are stuck or what emotions are being blocked.

You can be aware or more conscious of your stuck emotions by meditation or just simply being more mindful.

By meditating and being more mindful, you are going more inwards and can discover what type of emotions are stuck within yourself.

I would, of course, recommend going to a quiet place so you can focus on what emotions are stuck which is obvious that what you have to do.

If you want to be mindful of your emotions, make sure to expand your emotion vocabulary and name the emotions that you feel.

That way when you are being more aware of your stuck and blocked emotions that it will be so much easier to recognize which emotion it is.

Locate were your emotions are in your body

Now that you are more aware of your emotions, locate were your emotions are in your body.

Yes, I have found out that your body does store emotions.

I have not researched this one I just found out on myself.

I was meditating and I noticed that I felt stressed and a little frustrated all of a sudden.

While I was feeling the emotion of stress and frustration, I felt that my neck was really heavy compared to the rest of my body.

That was when I realized that I could store my emotions in my body.

I let the emotion be there and felt it and soon it was gone.

The heaviness of my neck was gone for the most part and I felt better afterword.

You might be asking how do I locate were my emotions are in my body?

My answer based on personal experience is to be aware where on your body feels the heaviest when feeling a certain emotion.

Take In Deep Breathes

Make sure that you breathe deeply and breathe throughout your whole body.

Make sure that you relax while you are taking deep breaths too.

You may start to notice that some emotions or some other stuff might bubble up to the surface.

This is totally normal and that is what needs to happen, so don’t judge it.

Allow for whatever is coming up to come up even if it is rather unpleasant to feel.

Taking deep breaths allows you to connect to your body and mind and will allow you to stay present to what you are doing.

There isn’t a technique I would recommend to this besides holding for about 4 to 8 seconds before exhaling.

Just make sure that you breathe in and out fully that is all.

Let Yourself Feel The Emotion

When emotions start to bubble up to the surface, make sure to let yourself feel the emotion.

I know that it might feel unpleasant to feel but it is very important that you feel it and don’t resist it.

I always have to remind myself this when I am letting go of stuck emotions because it feels really unpleasant to me and I tend to have the urge to resist.

But I keep on feeling it anyway and eventually, the emotion passes by and I feel so much better after doing it.

Have you ever heard of the saying what you resist persist? That is why you need to feel the emotion.

If you resist the emotion then the emotion will get stronger and stronger and stronger.

So make sure to feel and to not resist your emotions the next time you are letting go of stuck emotions

Allow The Emotion To Be There

If the emotion is hanging around for a little bit longer than expected, then allow it to be there.

Sometimes, the emotion will hang around a little bit after you let yourself feel it and let it go.

Like I said before, don’t resist it because if you resist it, then the emotion will persist.

There is also another reason that I have found in that I found pretty interesting.

It says that when you are numbing sadness, you also numb happiness and joy.

It goes on and explains that you cannot select emotions to numb down.

You can use negative behaviors to avoid your feelings and will help you not feel sadness or anger but you will not be able to feel happiness or joy.

I think that it is a great explanation of why you should allow your emotions to be there and I have not of thought of it or came across that explanation until I researched it so I would have to give props to them.

Let It All Out

If you feel the need to, let all of your stuck emotions out.

If you need to cry, then cry. if you need to yell, then yell in a pillow.

If you feel like you can’t let it all out because there are people in your house or you don’t want to disrupt the neighbors, then find somewhere that you know you won’t disturb anybody.

This could be a park, forest, or somewhere else that won’t make anyone bothersome of your emotion releasing.

If you are holding onto emotions especially negative emotions, then you might be doing more damage than you think.

Holding onto negative emotions is the whole reason why we do some bad habits like spending a lot of things you don’t need, drugs, alcohol, etc.

So make sure when you are feeling negative emotions that you feel them in totality and let it all out even if it is rather unpleasant.

You would rather get all that emotions out of your body that is for sure.

My Experience With It

I have always struggled with releasing emotions or emotions in general.

Though I have gotten better over a year I still have more releasing to do.

I have been a very angry person in the past and I have suppressed it for a very long time.

Now that I am more aware of my stuck or suppressed emotions, I can release them.

But it seems like it is never-ending sometimes because it seems like the same feeling of anger and frustration and stress comes back.

I had no idea if it was I had those much-suppressed emotions inside me or I haven’t released all the suppressed emotions from before.

Probably a little of both I would assume.

Anyway, when I want to release suppressed or stuck emotions, I usually put some guided meditation on releasing stuck emotions and that usually works quite well.

Or sometimes, I even do some breathwork if I needed to release them in a pinch.

I found that there are a lot of benefits of doing breathwork that includes releasing stuck emotions.

But when I have more time, I do it by meditation.

I sometimes don’t do it with a guided meditation and just have no distractions and go within my body to see why I feel the emotion, where it is in my body, and release it.

I released that it might take more than one meditation to release all of your suppressed emotions and that they are very uncomfortable during the releasing process but is well worth it.

I would say that I have the most difficult time with letting it be there because it can be so uncomfortable to feel it and I just want it to be over with but I know that it is important to let it be there so I just let the emotion be there.

I usually feel really light and good afterwords.


We all or most of us have stuck emotion that we have to release.

Just make sure that you become aware of them, feel it, allow it to be there, and let it all out and you will be good.

After you do all of that you would of let go of your stuck emotions.

If you have any questions about stuck emotions or you want to share your experiences with releasing stuck emotions then make sure to comment them down below and I will reply to you as soon as I can.

I hope that you enjoyed and got something out of this article.

Have a wonderful day.



  1. Excellent article! I believe almost everyone on the planet has unwanted stuck emotions, e.g., guilt, grudges, fear, shame, and even pride. Learning to accept that they’re inside of you is the first step in getting rid of them. I like how you explain that they can rest in your body. The body and mind are truly more connected than we realize. Thank you for your advice!

    • You are very welcome Cathy and I am pleased that you enjoy the article. The body and mind is more connected than we realize. Everybody needs to accept that they have emotions inside of them but sadly not everybody does.

  2. I agree, it is very important to have quiet time and feel through emotions. It makes life so much harder when we have pent up emotions and we end up taking it out on others rather than dealing with the source. I did find it interesting to think about where your emotions are located on your body, they could definitely add to neck, back, or other types of pain! Thank you for sharing you insights.

    • You are very welcome Heidi. I have not thought of emotions as the reason for pain throughout the body. Maybe that is why I have pain in my neck from time to time.

      • That certainly could play a part! I think most of us underestimate the effect and power emotions carry with them in terms of our body’s response and ability to handle them.

        • Oh ya, I agree. Emotions are pretty powerful. Like if you compare to a happy person to a stressed-out person, I bet you can tell that the person that feels happy most of the time will look and feel healthier than the person who feels stressed most of the time.

          • Yes, that is so true! Another interesting thing is that the happy person in that scenario isn’t necessarily free of all things that could bring stress, they have just learned how to better deal with them as they come. That’s what I try to do too!

          • I totally agree with what you just said. Happy people do deal with stress better.

            I have been trying to deal with stress better as of late because I realize I get stressed pretty easily.

  3. I can relate like everyone how our anxiety can build up causing us to become overwhelmed without the proper coping skills, you have provided me some awesome ideas to try when my stress gets the best of me which is more often than I like


    • Thank you for commenting on my post.

      I am glad that you got some awesome ideas from my post that you are going to try out.

      Having the proper coping skills for really any emotion is important.


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