How To Stop Being Drained Once In For All

There are a lot of things in the world that can drain our energy.

It can be people, electronics, food, and a lot of other things.

So it is very important to know and learn how to not let these things drain us.

Do you know how to stop being drained? Do you know how to increase your energy levels?

If you do not know how to stop being drained or you don’t know any methods on how to raise your energy levels, then you came to the right place.

In this blog post, I will be going to go over how to stop being drained once and for all.

Before I get into it, I want to give a brief overview of what I will be covering throughout the blogpost.

I will be going over the following:

  • Limit Your Time On Electronics
  • Do Nothing
  • Put Up Boundaries
  • Take Your Power Back
  • Exercise
  • Meditate Or Breathwork
  • Go Into Nature

I will be going over the specifics of what you could do in each of them in detail so you know exactly how to do it.

Know with that being said, let us get straight into it talking about how to stop being drained once and for all.

Limit Your Time On Electronics

Electronics around your home like smartphones, TVs, microwaves, and much more produce something called non-ionizing radiation.

All of these devices emit electromagnetic frequencies and low levels of non-ionizing radiation.

And if you are wondering, it does not directly connect with DNA damage or cancer, but it does affect the cells in some ways.

Being around these electrical devices can damage our energy field as well so It is very important to limit the use of these devices.

If you want to learn more about this, you can check out and as those two is where I got this information from.

It is impossible to stop using electronics all together because of how useful they are in our daily lives.

The key though is to limit the amount of time that we are on these electronics.

You can either be in nature and ground yourself by taking off your shoes and socks and putting your feet on the ground for a while or you can meditate and not consume or use any electronics for a while.

Either way, just make sure that you take an electronic fast so that you can be fully recharged, have more energy, and be able to get stuff done during the day.

Do Nothing

We are often in the hustle and bustle in life and barely have time doing nothing.

If you find yourself feeling drained from all of the things that you did or have to do, then take a day were you little do nothing.

This is a lot harder then it sounds because a lot of things try to get our attention and we can get distracted pretty easily.

You can schedule a whole day where you do absolutely nothing or just part of the day.

Our brains and bodies need to recharge once in a while and if you don’t allow yourself to recharge, then you will feel drained and don’t have the energy to do anything.

There are so many benefits for doing nothing too, examples are it can make you feel happier, make you more productive, can inspire creativity, regain attention, increase concentration, and much more.

And doing nothing is doing something, I mean you are always doing something unless you are not here anymore.

Put Up Boundaries

Putting up boundaries for yourself is a very important part of not being drained by other people.

You might have family members, coworkers, or people that you generally know that drain you.

If you do not put boundaries for yourself, then you will feel drained most of the time and won’t have the energy to do anything.

There is a couple of things that you can do to prevent yourself from being drained from other people.

One way is to limit the time that you hang out or be around that person.

If you absolutely can not avoid the person at any time, then make sure to shield up your energy so you won’t be affected.

The second way is to say no to them if they want you to hang out with them.

This will seem to be a little selfish to do, but you are taking care of yourself and that is not selfish to do at all.

The third is to put up a shield around you.

I mentioned in the first one, but what you want to do is to imagine yourself putting up a huge shield around yourself so that no negative energy can reach you.

I do this myself as I have a brother who is not so positive and it helps a lot when I am around him.

Take Your Power Back

There are a lot of ways that people can take your power like name-calling, gossip, arguments, dumping negative energy on you, etc.

You might not even realize that your power is being taken by someone else.

If you feel drained, then someone taking your power is a great reason for why you feel drained.

There are ways in which you can take your power back.

One way is to stop trying to save everyone.

I have seen this in relationships a lot of times and people think that they can save someone and relationships starts and goes on because of this.

It is a huge waste of time and energy and all you are doing is wasting your power and energy on the other person.

It is their job, not yours, everybody has their own power.

You came here to be who you are and walk your path in life and inspire other people.

The second way is to stop complaining about everything.

Venting or complaining about anything makes you focused on the problem instead of the solution.

Focusing on the problem and complaining about it will also drain your energy because complaining resonates at a low frequency.

So if you take your power back and not let the other person drain your own energy, then you will be not drained by them anymore.


Exercising for even 10 minutes a day will help you stop being drained all the time.

You can walk, do some yoga, play your favorite sport, or do a light exercise for a certain amount of time of the day.

according to a 2008 study at the University of Georgia, people who were regularly complaining about fatigue and feeling drained increased their energy levels by 20% just by low-intensity exercises.

But beware, you can also be drained by exercising too much.

So Make sure to listen to your body when you are exercising.

If you have been exercising for a while and you are starting to feel drained, then stop what you are doing and rest or take a break for a while.

If you want to learn more exercises that you can do to increase energy levels, then I would recommend to check out

Meditate Or Breathwork

You might now that meditation and breathwork help with calming the mind and be more present in the moment but did you also know that they both help with feeling less drained?

In fact they do, there are a lot of mediations and different types of breathwork out there that is specifically for raising your energy levels and stop feeling drained.

If you are doing meditation to stop being drained and increasing your energy levels, then you should put on some binaural beats in the background that is specific for increasing your energy levels.

Some guided meditations are on youtube for increasing your energy levels too.

Now if you want to do breathwork to increase your energy levels and stop feeling drained all you have to do is to breathe in four 5 seconds and breathe out for 5 seconds.

You repeat that cycle about 6-30 times and that is it.

If you want a more involved type of breathwork, then do alternate nozzle breathing.

It is basically where you close one nozzle on your nose, breathe in through the other nozzle for a certain amount of time, hold for a while, then released from the nozzle that was just closed and close the nozzle that was open at the same time.

You would want to breathe in for about 4 seconds, hold for 12, release for 8, and repeat until you do it for about 5 minutes or so.

I used to personally do this breathing technique and not only has it helped me increase my energy levels but I was very calm after doing it too.

Of course, you would have to be meditating and doing breathwork consistently for it to work.

There are also a bunch more benefits to breathwork and meitation but I will talk about that in another blogpost.

If you do any of these two consistently, then you will be able to have a lot of energy instead of not having a lot of energy and being drained all the time.

Go Into Nature

Going in nature I found was the best way to increase energy levels and feel less drained.

A study from the University of Rochester says that 90 percent of people say that they have an increase in energy when they are placed in outdoor activities.

Individuals say that they felt more energetic when they spent time in nature or even when they imagine themselves in nature.

So based on the case studies, it seems that going into nature increases energy levels by a lot which is very true.

I notice that every time I go into nature, I feel more energized and calmer.

There are a lot of ways in that you can be in nature.

You can take a walk, ride a bike, hike, have a picnic, go to a park, take your dog on a walk, or just sit in nature.

I know that it might be a little more difficult to do for people who have winter where they are living and I completely understand that because I have winter where I live too.

I would say to go out into nature on the warmer days during the winter if you can.


There might be a lot of reasons why you might be feeling drained all the time.

Make sure to do at least one of the things that I mentioned in this blog post and if you do, I promise you that you will have more energy throughout the day.

If you ever feel drained, make sure to take a break from everything and chill because that is probably what you needed anyway.

If you found that any of the reasons that I mentioned in this blogpost resonates with you and you found value in it, then make sure to share it so other people can see it too.

That is all I have to share in this blogpost.

I hope that you got some value out of this and make sure if you have any questions at all or you want to share anything related to this blog post, then make sure to comment down below and I will reply to you as soon as I can.

Anyways, adios!


  1. Great article!
    I definitely agree that exercise helps with preventing feeling drained. I also find that if I get at least seven hours sleep, I feel great. Exercising, in turn tires me out just enough to be able to sleep well at night too. I think these two complement each other really well!

    Taking your power back is also a good one. Negative thoughts, and negative people can really drain you, so avoiding those things are definitely worth doing!

    • Thank you for commenting on my article Chris! Not being on your phone or on anything that involves a screen in that matter right before you go to sleep also helps with having a good night’s sleep. It is good that you know how much sleep you need to get to feel great in the morning. I am honestly a little bit unaware of how much sleep I need to feel great in the morning, but I am taking the necessary steps to find that out. Some of those things like paying less attention to negative thoughts and negative people is challenging to do but is well worth it in the long run.

  2. Thank you for the great article! I really need to work on setting up boundaries. Saying no is so hard for me to do.

    • You are welcome, Lindsay. Saying no to people was really hard for me to do too. I used to be a people pleaser in the past but I have learned that it is okay to say no and have more boundaries.

  3. You have painstakingly compiled something valuabe, I however recommend you work on your use of English language, best of luck.

    • Thank you for commenting UsmanTaidi. I know that I need to work on my English. I have not really been good at English for a while but I am trying to improve on it.

  4. I totally understand the mediation and exercise components of not being drained. Thanks for the excellent reminder. I will be thinking of these throughout the day today… And now to put down my phone!

  5. Very informative post. I definitely feel drained a lot these days. I think it’s mostly a monetary thing, or lack of… I will for sure start looking into meditating and have though that yoga would be a good way to clear my mind and feel better physically. At least it was years ago when I participated.

    • Thank you for commenting! I recently have been feeling drained too. I think for me it is because I give to much of my energy away. I used to do a lot of yoga about 4 months ago but stop doing it. I think I will start doing it again as it helped me calm my mind and body.

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