launch Your Life Academy Review – What Is It?

What is launch Your Life Academy?

Launch your life academy is a course you can take that help people create their master life plan.

It helps people get a clear view on what you want to achieve in your lifetime and how to go about achieving it.

You will have more clarity, more focus, more passion, and purpose when you are taking the Launch Your Life Academy.

What’s Inside The Course?

The course provides lots of value. The course provides the following:

  • 21 training modules that help you guide you through a proven- process to launch your life
  • over 40 training videos that guide you every step of the way
  • 8 interviews with over 5 hours of content
  • detailed exercises and templates to download for you to implement into your life and see change take place
  • 5 live weekly webinars to engage in, plan out your week, ask questions and stay focused
  • private member forums that are used to create a real support network
  • Accountability journal and progress log to track your progress with the members of the academy

There are 3 bonuses in the program as well. The bonuses are…

  • Bonus 1: The 21- Step Confidence Building Series
  • Bonus 2: How to Successfully Achieve Any Goal
  • Bonus 3: 70 Amazing Facts About Your Brain

Who Is This For?

This is for people are in one of the following:

  • struggle to know what they want to do with their life
  • want to set goals for the year that will actually be achieved
  • struggle with sticking to their goals
  • want to remove any self -limiting beliefs
  • want a step- by- step guide with templates in how to go about creating lasting success and happiness in their life
  • want to have a clear, actionable plan to be used as a step-by-step map for their success
  • want to create and embed successful habits
  • lacking motivation for creating genuine, lasting change
  • wanting to live a more successful, fulfilling and happier life.

What Does It Solve?

The course solves three main problems:

  • How to take massive action, stay focused and remain motivated while achieving success
  • how to find your passions and your purpose in life
  • How to set goals that are aligned with your purpose with clear, actionable plans for achieving them

Structure Of The Course

This course is structured over 5 weeks with 21 modules.

There are live weekly webinars that help students to understand the content fully, and there are forums for ongoing support and accountability.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price for the Launch Your Life Academy is $497.

If you are going through the course and you decide that you don’t really like it that much or that it cost a lot of money there is a 60-day money-back guarantee.

So if you are going through the course and you don’t really see any results, then you can get your money back within the 60 days of your purchase.

What People Said About The Academy

This is what some people have to said about the Launch Your Life Academy:

I was blown away by the helpful journal prompts offered inside the Academy! the launch Your Life Academy enables you to examine all aspects of your life so that you may achieve more of the results that you want. This program will help you break outworn patterns, identify your core values, and rewrite your future for success

Brendan’s passion for peace and happiness shines through, and it’s contagious!

Lisa Jacobs, marketing Creativity

So often I forgot to take the time and really look inside myself to answer the most important questions in my life: What makes me happy and what can I do to bring more of that into my life?

Brendan’s Academy was an excellent reminder for me and the benefits will extend far beyond the time it took to complete the course. He provides real steps and tools necessary to discover your true passions and create plans to follow them.

Trent Hand, Author of 10 Days to Your Magic Life

Brendan is a man on a mission who knows what questions you must ask to really empower yourself to move in the right direction and take specific and measurable action towards creating (and living) your better life.

This Academy is packed with such questions, insights and exercises, from helping you make the best decisions for you as an individual, getting deeply in touch with your passions, accurately measuring your progress and staying motivated, to specific questions and tips that will help you take action in the way that works best for you.

The course is very individual, so anyone can find real value within. It’s worth every dollar of the small price because I reckon I’d have to buy a very good friend a very large number of lunches and dinners to get as many insights and as much thought as what Brendan has packed into this course!

Daniel Pickford, Academy Graduate

One minor Gripe I have

There is something that I don’t really like about the course.

I don’t know that other courses like the launch your Life Academy does it or not but this is the first course that I ever seen so far that does this.

You get to do the course over and over again for about 3 years and after 3 years, you have to pay about $590 to get the course again.

I don’t really like that in my opinion, why wouldn’t you pay the course and then have full access to it for pretty much forever instead of having to pay again in 3 years.

I get that’s one of the ways they make money but I think that’s it’s dumb to do it that way in my opinion.


Overall the Launch Your Life Academy is a great course to get if you want to improve your life in any way that you want.

I do recommend this course and I think that the price of $497 is a good price for this course.

There are more courses out there that help you improve yourself and make your life a lot better.

You can check out my blog talking about the Choice Of Forgiveness Course or you can get the Choice Of Forgiveness course as well.

Did you take the course before? if you did, then comment below your experiences with it and if you have any questions, then comment below.

Anyway, that’s my review on the launch Your life Academy, hope you guys have a great day (or night wherever you are).

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