January 22, 2020
Step by Step Of How To Have A Great Meditation Experience

Step by Step Of How To Have A Great Meditation Experience

Do you want to meditate? Do you find yourself saying that you are going to meditate but you never do?

Well, you should find some time during your day to meditate.

It doesn’t have to be for long, you can meditate for 5 minutes if you want to and after that, you can go on with the rest of your day.

Doing meditation has a lot of benefits, it reduces stress, controls anxiety enhances self-awareness, can regenerate kindness, and so many more.

So in this blog, you will learn what to do before you meditate and what to do while you are meditating so you will get the best out of it.

Find A Quit Place To Meditate

You can’t focus or calm your mind when you are surrounded by noise.

So try to find a place that is quiet and calm.

This can be your backyard, bedroom, living room, or anywhere in your house.

If you know that you don’t have a quiet place to meditate at the moment, then wait until there is a quiet place where you can meditate.

If there is absolutely no quiet place where you can meditate, then the last resort might be meditating in the bathroom if you can.

I know that it’s a really weird place to meditate, but if you can’t find a place where it is quiet, and the bathroom is the only place where it is quiet then meditate in the bathroom.

If even the bathroom is not a quiet place to meditate either and there is absolutely no other quiet place to meditate, then meditate where it is the quietest.

Lay Down Or Sit Down

Of course, you would have to sit down or lay down when you are meditating.

You can do it standing up if you want.

It doesn’t matter in what way you sit down or lay down, just sit or lay down to what’s comfortable to you and you can relax.

Focus On Your Breath

Meditation won’t work if you pay attention to your thoughts the whole time so instead, pay attention to your breath.

This might be a little difficult to do if you are new to meditation.

But the more you practice meditation, the easier it gets to focus on your breath instead of your thoughts.

Ignore Your Thoughts

Now, this is hard to do especially when you are new to meditation.

You are so used to interacting with your thoughts that when you go and meditate, your thoughts are buzzing and you have a really hard time ignoring them.

One thing that you can do that will help you ignore your thoughts is to focus on your breath.

You won’t be able to focus on your thoughts when you are focusing on your breath because it is impossible to focus on more than one thing at the same time.

Though, either way, it will take some practice and time to ignore your thoughts, but the more you do practice, the easier it gets.

Close Your Eyes

Did you know that when your eyes are open you process the things that are around you?

Ya, I know that it is obvious that we do, but this is important to know when you are going to meditate.

When you are meditating while having your eyes open, you can get easily get distracted by something that is happening around you.

Also, your thoughts will start racing too.

So to prevent that from happening, you have to close your eyes while you meditate.

When you do close your eyes, you won’t process information through the eyes anymore, hence you won’t get distracted from what is happening around you.

The only thing that will distract you from what is happening around you is when you hear something.

Though you don’t have to meditate with your eyes closed, you can meditate with your eyes open if you want.

I just found that you get distracted less and don’t process information when you close your eyes during meditation.

Take in Deep Breaths

When you are meditating, make sure that you take in some nice deep breaths.

Breathing deeply helps you relax and ground the mind for the rest of the meditation.

Now, you don’t have to take deep breaths through the whole meditation.

You can just take in a deep breath through the nose and out through the mouth for the beginning of the meditation and after that, you can breath how you naturally do through the rest of the meditation.

I take in deep breaths through the whole time that I am meditating but it’s really up to you.

Process Your Emotions

When you are meditating, there might be some emotions that might come up that you haven’t dealt with yet.

This might be anger, jealousy, frustration, envy, love, peace, or any other emotions.

When you are feeling any negative emotions, don’t resist them.

Have you ever heard of the saying what you resist persist if you haven’t, it means that whatever you resist you are focusing on what you don’t want which is negative emotions and what you focus on grows.

So when you are resisting a negative emotion, you are focusing on it and it is growing as a result of focusing on it.

So when a negative emotion comes up, realize what it is, process it, and then let it go.

If you want to learn some techniques of how to let go of negative emotions, then I would recommend to check out Aaron Doughty’s video on it.

Be Consistent

You won’t have the benefit of what meditation can bring you if you only do it once and that’s it.

You have to be consistently meditating to feel the benefits of it.

You don’t have to go straight to meditating for an hour or 2 hours right away or at all.

I would recommend if you are just starting meditation to meditate for about 5 minutes a day for about a week and go up to 10 minutes and another week go to 15 minutes a day and so on.

Eventually, you will be able to meditate for about 30 minutes or an hour a day easily.

Though you don’t need to meditate for that long.

I meditate for about 12 minutes in the morning and I meditate for about 20 minutes in the night.

You should find the right amount of time and type of meditation that works for you.


So, the challenge that I have for you is to

  • start meditating
  • meditate for about 5 minutes for a week and build up from there
  • meditate for at least once per day


If you have any questions or you want to share any of your experiences with mediation, then feel free to comment them below.

Well, I hope that you guys got something out of this and I hope that you guys are having a great day.

6 thoughts on “Step by Step Of How To Have A Great Meditation Experience

  1. I have been planning on starting to meditate regularly for some time. I have been doing it every once in a while but not often enough. With your advice, I’m sure I can make meditation a regular habit. Thanks for a great article Scott!

    1. Your welcome, I used to have a hard time meditating regularly myself. But recently I made it a habit to meditate at least once a day and so far I meditated for at least once for day regularly. And the thing is, the more you do it, the easier it gets to do it. I know that you can make meditation a regular habit. if I can do it regularly then I know for sure that you can.

  2. How true the statement resits persists. It is hard to hold on to negativity, it just festers.

    Thanks for the great tips.

    This is a great post, it is just in line with the last post I just read. The last post really did inspire me to stop just thinking about meditating and start doing it!

    This post is, even more, inspiring me to start today! The easy step by step instructions so simplified is giving me hope that I can become successful at it. This is definitely a post to bookmark for future reference.

    1. Your welcome, I am glad that it was very simple to follow and that it was inspiring to you. When I was typing out the blog, I was focusing on giving a lot of value and I was simplifying it as much as I can too.

  3. I enjoyed this very much. Mediation is amazing but I must admit I don’t do it as much as I should. Anything to do with personal development and self-love is always worth reading. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Your welcome, and I’m glad that you enjoyed my post! I agree with you that anything about personal development is worth reading. I wasn’t really meditating regularly until about 2 weeks ago and I felt overall amazing ever since.

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