Top 8 Signs That You Are A Empath

Have you ever wonder if you are an empath?

Well, you might be because you can not perceive this if you are a vibrational match to it.

I know that I am one, and It is a gift to be an empath.

Even though it can be rather difficult being an empath because of absorbing other people’s emotions and being very sensitive to energy but I think that it is awsome and very powerful.

You might be asking how do I know if I am an Empath or not?

Well the answer for that my friend is that you feel extreme emotions, you take on other peoples emotions as your own, you feel drained in large crowds, you are very sensitive to energy, you need a lot of time alone, you can spot lies easily, you are highly intuitive, and you don’t like to go out that much.

Now that I have answered your question, let us get right into the 8 different unique signs that you are a empath.

1. You Feel Extreme Emotions

The first sign that you are an empath is that you feel extreme emotions.

Everybody feels emotions but for empaths, it is like 10x more potent and strong than usual.

You might feel extreme joy and happiness one day and in the other, you might feel extreme sadness and anger.

I know for me I can be extremely happy and in a couple of minutes, I can be all of a sudden extremely sad and irritated for no apparent reason sometimes.

Though it is normal to experience this if you are an empath.

Make sure to feel the emotion and not resist it or try to shew it off because when you resist it will persist and it will just get worse and worse.

2. You Take On Other Peoples Emotions As Your Own

The second sign that you are a empath is that you take other people’s energy and emotions as your own.

I know that this happens to me a lot and sometimes I find it difficult if I am feeling my own emotions or I am feeling someone else’s.

Make sure that you know to know the difference between what are tour emotions and what are someone else’s emotions.

If you can not decipher the two then you will have an even tougher time.

I usually just ask myself the question Is this my emotion that I am feeling? If I feel like it is a no answer then it is my own emotion that I am feeling. If it is a yes answer, then I am feeling someone else’s emotion and I quickly just let it go.

Being aware of your emotions will be just enough to tell which emotions are yours and what emotions are someone else’s.

3. You Feel Drained In Large Crowds

The third sign that you are a empath is that you feel drained in large crowds.

This one is one of the most well-known signs that you are an empath.

If you are an empath, you will most likely than not feel very drained when you go to someplace with a lot of people like the mall, the grocery store, a school, and so on.

I have trouble with this too but I have found some ways to combat this that I will share.

If you have trouble with feeling drained in large crowds then one word of advice is to do some type of exercise that will get your energy flowing through your body like yoga.

I have found that doing yoga or some other type of exercise really helps with feeling less drained when I am in a crowd of people.

You can check out my blogpost on how to stop being drained if you want to learn more.

4. You Are Very Sensitive To Energy

If you feel certain vibes from places and people and can feel energy like it is nothing then you are an empath.

Empaths can feel the energy around them pretty easily. they can feel the energy in a room, energy that a person is putting out and so on.

This is a really good gift to have but there are of course some downsides to it too.

You would be sensitive to not only high vibrational energy but also low vibrational energy.

But the good news is you know what places to avoid and what certain people to avoid because you are sensitive to energy.

5. You Need A Lot Of Time Alone

Because of Empaths being very sensitive to energy and are a sponge for energy and emotions, they need a lot of time alone to recharge.

If you don’t spend time alone they will become aggravated and weighted down. They usually need a lot of time alone because they need to spend time on their own energy and emotions.

The amount of time they need to be alone really depends on the person but they usually need a lot of time alone to recover.

Personally, for me, I spend about half the day alone and half the day with other people.

It is hard for me to get complete alone time though since I live with my parents.

If I lived by myself it would be a lot longer.

6. You Can Spot Lies Easily

The sixth sign that you are a empath is that you can spot lies easily.

Empaths are a living lie detector.

They can spot someone lying very easily.

I don’t really know how but they can just have a knowing if someone is lying or not.

It is very impossible to hide from an empath.

If you find it very easy to spot someone lying to you then you might be an empath.

For me, it is pretty easy to know when someone is lying to me or not.

I don’t really know exactly how I know I think It is just a knowing that someone is lying.

7. You Are Highly Intuitive

There might be a chance that you are an empath if you are highly intuitive.

Highly intuitive people just know things usually before they even happen.

They also can spot lies easily and need to recharge by themselves for a while.

Empaths are naturally intuitive and if you are highly intuitive then maybe you might be an empath.

You can check out this blogpost if you want to know if you are a highly intuitive person.

8. You Don’t Like Going Out That Much

The last sign that you are a empath is that you d not like going out that much.

Due to empaths being super sensitive to energy and being able to carry other people’s emotions as their own, they don’t like to go out that much.

They Don’t like to go out that much because as I said before they are super sensitive to energy and can get drained pretty easily.

And empaths usually like to be by themselves as well.

If you don’t like going out that much for similar reasons, then you might be an empath.


Those are the different signs that you are an empath.

That is all I have for today.

If you have any questions or you want to share anything related to this blog post then make sure to comment on them below and I will reply to you as soon as I can.

Anyway, I hope that you guys got some value out of this and I also hope that you are having a good day.


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