6 Ways To Be More Peaceful And More Chill in Your Life

Do You Want To Be More Peaceful and Chill In Your Life?

Are you wondering about different ways to be more peaceful in your life?

I think that a lot of people want to be more peaceful and chill in their life.

Though a lot of people don’t do anything or think that they can’t do anything to feel peaceful in their life.

Well, I can tell you that you can feel more peaceful in your life right now.

Today I will show you 6 ways you can become more peaceful and more chill in your life.

1. Find Inner Peace

One of the things that you can do to be more peaceful and chill in your life is to find inner peace.

To find inner peace, you have to go within yourself and declutter all the junk that is inside of you.

You can also go into nature and just sit there and be quiet for at least 10 minutes and enjoy the peace.

You can also go out on a run or a walk and if you feel frustrated or angry, you can sit in a quiet place and play some chill music.

Once you feel at peace, you can get up and do other stuff during the day.

When you do find inner peace, you will notice that you will feel more peaceful (obviously) and the things that you used to react negatively too won’t bother you as much as it used too.

2. Forgive Others

It is crucial to forgive others to feel more at peace with yourself.

If you hold any grudges or you seek revenge on other people because of what they did in the past, you will never be peaceful.

So forgive others as much as you can, it allows you to live in the present moment, let the past settle, and to look forward to the future.

Forgiveness is very crucial to do because it makes you be at peace with your past and you will be able to be at peace with yourself and you will be able to enjoy life.

One course that I recommend that you get if you are having trouble forgiving others is the Choice Of Forgiveness course.

I made a review talking about what the course has to offer.

3. Limit Your Time On Electronics

A lot of people spend too much time on electronics whether it’s going on social media, playing video games or watching TV.

One of the things that I suggest that you can do is to cut down on the amount of time that you spend on electronics and spend at least 10 minutes in your backyard or someplace where it has nature and just chill there for a little while.

When you do, you might feel more peaceful because you don’t spend as much time on electronics than before and you are spending more time in nature.

Another thing that you can do is to install an app on your phone that tracks how much time you spend on your phone.

This will allow you to be more aware of how much time you are spending on your phone or certain apps like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

I use this, and it helped me be more aware of how much time I spend on my phone daily, I cut down my time on it and I noticed that I feel more peaceful overall during the day.

4. Seek love Instead of Controlling Others

Trying to be in control of situations and other people will keep you in conflict with others and you won’t feel good at all trying to control everything.

Remember that you can’t control everything If you try to control everything, not only will you have a conflict with other people and them not liking you, you will have an inner conflict with yourself as well and you won’t feel mad and frustrated most of the time.

If you replace your will to control other people with loving others for who they are and accepting situations with what they are.

Then you will have a more peaceful life overall.

5. Breathe

When you are frustrated or mad at something, it is very important to take some time to take in deep breaths.

Sit somewhere and take in some deep breaths for a while.

When you do, after a while your anger or frustration will go away and you will feel more at peace with yourself and can get up and possibly do something else.

So whenever you feel like your brain is cluttered up and you are thinking too much, breathe.

When you breathe for a while you feel more peaceful.

I usually do a breathing technique in the morning so I can be more at peace during the day.

It works but you don’t have to do a breathing technique to be more peaceful.

That’s just what I do to be more at peace with myself.

6. Solve something That Is Weighing You Down

One of the reasons why you don’t feel at peace with yourself is because there is something that is weighing you down.

When you do feel that something is weighing you down, ask yourself “What is weighing me down? Why is it weighing me down? How can I stop it from Weighing me down?

If you can answer all three of these questions, then you can let go of the situation that is weighing you down and you will feel more peaceful as a result because the thing that was weighing you down before isn’t weighing you down anymore.

And you don’t want to wait to solve the problem because the longer you wait to solve it, the more the tension inside you becomes.

So don’t wait, when you know what’s weighing you down, solve it right away, you will feel more peaceful after you let the situation go.


Everybody or most people want to be more at peace but don’t want to do anything to be more peaceful.

I can say if you don’t do anything, then you will not feel more peaceful.

If you implement any of the things that I mentioned in this blog, then you might notice that you will feel more at peace with yourself and your life as a whole.

If you want to talk about how you became more peaceful in your life, or you have any questions, then type them in the comments below.

And with that being said I hope that you guys are having a great day.


  1. Wow, those are some excellent suggestions. I struggle with not controlling everything. I want to control all the people and things around me, and it has taken years to get to a place where I can work on the need. Some days I do better with letting things go than others.

    Most of the time, when I am getting frustrated by people not doing what I think they should be doing, I seek refuge outside. I find a quiet place to sit and either practice mindfulness or do some deep breathing. If I am furious, I do both.

    I found feeling the warmth of the sun and the fresh air will melt away my stress and allow me to regain my joy.

    It is a fight to get that inner peace, and I am not quite there yet, but if I keep reading articles like this one, I am sure to find it.

    Thank you for taking the time to post these suggestions.

    • Your welcome and that is good that you found something that works for you to get rid of your stress.
      I believe that you will find inner peace soon. Honestly, I don’t have inner peace all of the time but I know what to do if I ever feel stressed or frustrated with something.

  2. These are all amazing tips, so thank you!
    Finding Inner Peace and Forgiveness are the two that have made the most impact on improving my life. It is invaluable to just take time to relax and let go. And forgiving others is a gift that I give to myself, to let go of the past and forgive others for not being perfect.

    I am also getting better at just stopping and taking a breathe or two. So relaxing and so helpful. Great post!

    • Your welcome, forgiveness and inner peace had a big impact on my life as well. I see as things in my past in a more neutral standpoint.

      I’m still working on forgiving and letting go, but I’m at a point where if someone did something to me, then I will forgive them right away because I don’t want to hold a grudge, it is much easier to forgive than to hold a grudge in my opinion. There’s probably some stuff that I need to let go.

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