Ways To Completely Overcome Your Fear Of Failure

Do you have a fear of failure? Are you trying to overcome your fear but do not know how?

Well if you answer yes to any of these questions, then you came in the right place.

according to a survey in 2016, about 34.2 million people that live in America have a phobia.

The most common one is the fear of failure.

Honestly that does not surprise me, since we basically have been taught to avoid failure.

In this article, you will learn different ways to completely overcome your fear of failure.

Let us now begin, shall we?

1. Accept It

The first way to completely overcome your fear of failure is to accept it.

In order to overcome it, you will need to totally accept that you fear failure and be honest with yourself.

If you deny it, you are completely lying to yourself.

How are you going to overcome your fear if you are not at least completely honest with yourself.

You need to ask the question, do I fear failure?

If the answer is yes, then accept that you do indeed fear failure.

Accepting your fear completely is one of the firsts steps to overcoming the fear of failure.

2. Face It Head On

With some fear including the fear of failure, you will have to face it head on.

I know that with some fear you do not have to face but with failure, you will have to face it.

This is because you will encounter failure many times in your own life.

When facing this fear, it is important to do it in a manner that does not traumatize you.

If you do not do it in a healthy manner, then it is possible that you will fear it even more than you did before.

If it helps, get a piece of paper and writing utensil and make a list of the worst that can happen when you fail.

You might start to see that the fear of failure is not really as bad as you thought.

3. Be Honest With Yourself

The third way of overcoming your fear of failure is to be honest with yourself.

when you ask the question, do I fear failure? You have to be completely honest.

You can not overcome your fear with failure if you are not honest with yourself.

Being honest is one of the most important steps into overcoming your fear of failure.

If you were not honest with yourself, then how are you going to overcome it?

The only thing that you can do to make yourself be more honest is to stop lying to yourself.

Once you become honest with yourself and stop lying, you will be able to overcome the fear of failure.

4. Become Aware Of It

Awareness is key to overcoming fear and really anything in life.

Becoming aware of your fear and being aware of where it came from will help you overcome the fear of failure.

You can become aware of this just by observing your actions and behaviors.

One key behavior that might mean you fear failure is worrying when you do fail.

For example when you fail at something you start to worry about what other think of you.

Their are a lot more examples than that but most of them talk about worrying about something when you fail..

So if you notice or are aware that you are worrying about something after you fail, do some self inquiry.

Ask yourself why you are worrying and where did it come from?

Once the answers come to you, decide to let go of the worry and the fear that you have for failure.

5. Change Your Perspective On It

The fifth way to completely overcome the fear of failure is to change your perspective on it.

Right now, you might have the perspective that failure is something to avoid.

I have noticed that people who fear failure has this perspective which is pretty obvious.

In order to change your perspective, you will need to look at it in a different angle.

What if you just change the perspective you have on failure?

Instead, change the perspective to seeing that failure is part of success and that failing should not be avoided.

Changing your perspective on failure will help you tremendously overcome your fear of failure.

6. Welcome It

The final way to overcome fear of failure is to welcome it.

Pushing fear away or wanting to get rid of it will not get rid of fear of failure.

In fact, the fear might build and become more of a problem.

Instead of avoiding fear, welcome the fear.

Fear is a teacher and a very useful tool.

Fear teach us something that is very valuable.

It also helps as our wake up call to take some type of action in our lives.

So the next time you experience fear of failure, welcome it instead of pushing it away.

You will start to notice that the fear will go away.


Those are the 6 ways to completely overcome your fear of failure.

If you take action and do one of the six that I mentioned in this article, then you can overcome the fear of failure.

If you are interested and want to find out why you fear failure, then you can check out the article below.


That is all for this blog post.

If you have any questions or want to share something related to overcoming the fear of failure, then comment them down below and I will reply to you as soon as I can.

I hope that all of you got value from this article and have a wonderful rest of your day today.


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