Why You Should Focus On One Goal At A Time

Why Focus On One Goal?

Do you have trouble focusing on a specific goal? Do you have a hard time focusing on getting that one goal achieved?

Are you wondering Why You Should Focus On Only One Goal At A Time?

There are at least a million reasons why you should focus on one goal at a time.

In this blog, I’m only going to talk about 4 of them which is you will be able to focus more, get more done, feel less anxiety, and would feel less rushed to get all of them done.

I will also give examples to some of them and what you should do to avoid some mistakes that you might encounter.

Now let’s talk about those reasons in detail, shall we?

1. Be Able To Focus More

When you focus on one goal at a time instead of focusing on all of your goals, you would be able to focus more and accomplish your goals quicker.

Why you might ask? Well, when we focus on multiple goals at once, we tend to be all over the place and seem to not be focused or accomplish anything.

Another thing is that you’re putting your energy and focus on multiple different things that aren’t as effective as focusing on and putting all of your energy into one goal in my opinion.

I noticed in my own life that I’m more focused when I put my energy on one goal at a time.

I would also accomplish my goal quicker than I would focus on multiple different goals.

There are some awesome tips online about how to improve your focus that you can check out.

2. Get More Done

Get more Stuff Done In A Shorter Amount Of Time

I remembered towards the middle of my blogging journey that I wouldn’t get that much stuff done because I was focusing on all the stuff that I have to do.

Examples like writing out a blog, working on my website, posting on Pinterest and so forth.

I was honestly overwhelmed by all the stuff that I wanted or feel like I needed to get done on a given day.

I eventually got burned out and didn’t work on my website or blog at all for about a week or two.

Since going back to blogging again, I have been implementing focusing on one goal or task at a time and so far it’s going good.

I am more focused on my blogs, and most importantly I get more stuff done.

So if you have trouble with not getting stuff done, then I would recommend to just focus on one thing at a time and see if it helps.

If it doesn’t then try something else that might work.

3.Feel Less Anxiety

How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy

I know when I don’t focus on one goal at a time, I start to feel anxiety because of all the tasks or goals that I have to accomplish on a given day.

eventually, I would procrastinate on doing some at all and would eventually only accomplish only a couple of my goals instead of all of them.

For example, If I have a lot to do during the day like making a blog post, do my chores, meditate, yoga, work on my e-mail list, and go to work.

If I focused on all of those things, I would feel really anxious because I have so much stuff to do and feel anxious and eventually procrastinate and watch youtube instead and go to work.

So to not let that happen and avoid this altogether, you would have to focus on one goal or task at a time so you will feel less anxious.

Once you do that, you will feel less anxiety and would be able to complete most of your goals or tasks for the day or however long it is.

4. Feel Less Rushed

When we feel like there are so many things we have to do in a certain amount of time, we would feel rushed and not do a good enough job at finishing a task the right way.

So instead of paying attention to everything that we should accomplish in a day, focus on one task at a time.

When you do, you might notice that you feel less rushed to get stuff done and you would be able to accomplish the task or goal more efficiently.


So let us some up what we talked about today. Today, we talked about why we should focus on one goal at a time.

The first one was being able to focus more.

You put more energy and focus on one thing and as a result, you feel less drained and more focused.

Second, you get more stuff done. Not only you get more stuff done, but you get them done in a shorter amount of time.

Third, feel less anxiety.

Feel less anxious about all the things you have to get done as a result of focusing on one thing.

And lastly, you feel less rushed.

Paying attention to multiple things at once might make you rush to get stuff done.

So focusing on one thing will make you feel less rushed because you are not focusing on all the things you have to get done.

That’s all I have for today if you have any questions or you want to share something relating to the article then feel free to comment below and I will reply to you as soon as I can.

I hope you guys enjoyed it and have a wonderful day.

And before you go, I have a question for you

Have you ever had trouble focusing on one thing at a time?

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